Sharp XE-A307 Cash Register Silent Drop-in Thermal Printer - White | XE-A307

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  • Suitable for all Retail & General merchandising environments
  • Clear large alpha-numeric display
  • Large cash drawer/lockable
  • 5 note and 8 coin compartments
  • Customer display
  • 99 departments
  • 10000 PLU's. Ideal for retail bacode scanning
  • Clerk sign on of up to 25 operators
  • Euro conversion
  • Automatic VAT calculation
  • 58mm Thermal till rolls
  • Time and date display

Sharp XE-A307 Cash Register

The Sharp XE-A307 electronic cash register is versatile, fast and very simple to use, no matter what the application. The self contained, multi-purpose machine features a twin station drop in roll thermal printer that produces receipts and journal at around 12 lines per second.

Not only is this much faster than a conventional printer, it is a lot quieter and helps you communicate a professional image to your customers.

Equipped with an SD card slot, SD cards (4GB to 32GB) can be used to back up various kinds of data, including daily sales and Electronic Journal data. This feature is beneficial as data (CSV file type) can be saved to an SD memory card then managed on a computer via Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

Parameters such as the store name and logo, department names, product names, sales tax rate, and others can all be configured on a computer and imported into the machine quickly and easily with an SD card.

SD cards are not included.

Free telephone support on all cash registers from Shop-Equip Limited. Easy to maintain, wide thermal paper so receipts carry all information for your customers. Up to 99 departments and a massive 10,000 PLU's as standard on this clever, attractive terminal that is designed with typical Sharp thoroughness for greater ease of use and efficiency. Fitted with the optional Handheld Laser scanner the Sharp XE-A307 becomes a low cost barcode scanning solution for a wide range of retail outlets.

The space-efficient cash drawer featured with the cash register takes up minimal counter space, yet generously provides five bill compartments and eight coin compartments. When not in use, the ruggedly built drawer can be locked shut, keeping your money safe.

And to complete the stunning picture, the XE-A307 has a spacious, secure drawer for maximum security.

In addition to the standard features on the Sharp XE-A307 cash register, Sharp have also added a NEW "Help" button that when pressed provides you with a print out of the most common used operations and programming instructions.

Incorporated into the machine is an SD memory slot which allows you to backup program and sales information. A welcome addition especially where you are storing high levels of product data within your cash register.