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If looking for the best temperature sensor, then GCC Gamers tops the list by providing an excellent Thermaltake Pacific Temperature Sensor G 1/4 Digital Display with Alarm.

Best Coolant Temperature Sensor

Temperatures ranging from 0°C to 99°C (32°F -210°F) is easily detected by Thermaltake Pacific Temperature Sensor, which displays the value in unit Celsius or Fahrenheit. It is compatible with any G1/4 fittings that can feature a temperature warning alert, which makes sure the liquid cooling system work within the minimal operating temperature and improves the performance of your PC. Users can easily track the temperature levels of the coolant by easy switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit provided by the Pacific Temperature Sensor. These are fitted with Temperature Warning Alert, which alerts the user with the beep when the coolant temperature is rising above the value they have set initially. It is designed with a copper base with nickel plating to prevent corrosion and provide excellent durability to the system. It comes with a super easy, user-friendly installation that allows the users to obtain exceptional performance from their liquid cooled PC by connecting the power cable to it. The products that pass the design are Tt LCS Certified so that Thermaltake can designate to all power users.

Temperature Sensor

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