Six Things you need to know to Build a Gaming PC

A gaming PC is considered the best tool for either editing videos, typing your assignments, or to play the latest games.

The most pre-eminent technological investment one can make is building a gaming PC. A quality gaming equipment, is more resilient than a smartphone, more flexible in comparison with the most robust streaming box, and is much powerful than a gaming console.

Components Required to build custom gaming PC:

While purchasing the components from the Abu Dhabi computer store or at any other stores, components must possess the following characteristics:

  1. Processor, or CPU: The brain of our computer is the CPU (Central Processing Unit) on which it works. For both software and hardware functions better with the processor, the faster it can transmit information. When building the first PC, it's better to find the one that is a little cheaper but gets the job done efficiently.
  2. Motherboards:It allows all the communication between the different hardware and consists of a large circuit board that connects all the components required to build a PC. It's important to choose the right motherboard as every CPU is not compatible with every motherboard. While purchasing a motherboard, few factors should be kept in mind, such as connectivity options, CPU overclocking capabilities, and lighting.
  3. Memory, or RAM:At any given moment, how much data our computer can process is determined by Random Access Memory. RAM resets whenever the power is turned off, and this makes it different from primary storage devices. For a computer to process information efficiently, RAM with more storage space is required. To keep the PC workable for several years, the gaming PC works well with 16GB or 32GB, but with a RAM of fewer than 4GB, most games don't work even.
  4. Graphics card (GPU):GPU, also called Graphics Processing Unit, video card, or graphics card, is the most important component in a gaming rig. It displays images on the monitor by rendering them from the PC. It allows PC games to look realistic by allowing our computer to do the complex graphic calculations. To have a modern PC gaming experience, GPU is necessarily required apart from the integrated graphics provided in the CPU. It helps us to play games by saving our computer from being crashed or slowing our gameplay.
  5. Storage, or HDD/ SSD:Solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) are the PC's two essential storage elements. They are basically the home for the files when they are not in use. More storage space means more room for media, games, files. Nowadays, SSDs are widely used because they are more durable, quieter, and faster, but they are a bit more costly per gigabyte than HDDs.  
  6. Power Supply:The most vital piece of the PC puzzle is its power supply. To bring life to the PC, we need to supply electric power. Here the power supply unit or PSU plays its role. A PSU with enough wattage is necessarily required for custom cooling loops or while using multiple video cards. Picking up the right one might be tricky, but once you picked it wisely, there is no need to give the second thought.


To meet all your gaming needs and preferences, anyone can build their own PC with the right instruction and preparation.