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Thrustmaster Viper TQS Mission Pack Joystick - Black | TM-JSTK-VIPER-MISSION-PCK

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  • 1:1 Scale Replica of the Viper Aircraft
  • Realistic Controls
  • Linear Travel Design
  • Realistic Flight Kinematics
  • 64 Action Buttons
  • Integrated Backlighting

Thrustmaster Viper TQS Mission Pack Joystick - Black | TM-JSTK-VIPER-MISSION-PCK

the Thrustmaster Viper TQS Mission Pack. Providing simulator fans with a highly accurate, U.S. Air Force-approved design, this 1:1 replica adds to your current setup for greater depth and realism to your gaming experience.

Matching the realism of the original Viper aircraft, this additional quadrant gives you a replica metal handle that not only adds an authentic feel but provides a long-lasting lifespan and strong linear travel design. With 64 action buttons and the iconic Chaff/Flare slap switch, you can initiate various settings and perform manoeuvres in select games backed by realistic flight kinematics. Integrated backlighting adds a layer of immersion and offers adjustable indicator lights on the landing gear controls and TWA panel.

Authentic Design
Take your cockpit to the next level of performance with the U.S. Air Force Viper TQS Mission Pack for PC. Experience outstanding ergonomics with a 1:1 scale replica featuring metal handle casing and a replica control panel from the legendary Viper.

Enjoy faithful replication of the Viper throttle's mechanical movement along its axis, with thrilling and smooth travel thanks to metal bearings. Viper TQS reproduces the real feeling with its legacy axis rail with access to Idle/Cutoff and Afterburner detents, via mechanical levers and handle rotation. It's also easy to switch to a 100% linear axis.

Dogfight Functionality
Viper TQS provides you with real-world sensations via features such as metal control knobs, a Chaff/Flare slap switch to deploy countermeasures in air combat, and blackout switches for better immersion in your dogfights.

Adjustable Friction
Enjoy firm, linear travel with no dead zones on the throttle thanks to the adjustable friction. Die-cast metal construction ensures constant friction that won't decrease over time, with 16-bit surgical precision thanks to the H.E.A.R.T magnetic sensor.

Flight Controls
Get ready for intense takeoffs, combat, and landings with 43 metal action buttons (including 11 virtual buttons), one trim wheel (axis), MODE and PGRM rotary selectors on the CMDS panel, plus jettison, laser sighting, jammer, and weapon launch switches.