Thrustmaster VG Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition | TM-WHL-FRARI-LGND-RED

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  • Compatible wheel in all racing games on PlayStation 3 and PC GT F1 NASCAR Rally GRID 2 etc. Large optimized pedal set 2 pedals with wide foot rest Adjustable angle of inclination for each pedal Brake pedal featuring progressive resistance
  • Fully programmable functions Fully programmable2 sequential levers and 11 action buttons and D-Pad Large programmable progressive Pedal set with wide foot-rest for ultra-precise comfortable acceleration and braking Adjustable wheel sensitivity for precise driving
  • Linear resistance Auto centering Thrustmaster bungee cord exclusive system providing with realistic resistance Central clamping system with wide jaws for optimal stability with all desk and table types

The thrill of Ferrari driving

Take control with the Thrustmaster VG Ferrari racing wheel. Officially licensed by Ferrari and compatible with both PS3 and PC, this racing wheel lets you experience the excitement and sensation like on the real track, with two paddle shifters, 11 action buttons, one D-Pad, and a robust wheel handle that fits comfortably in the hands. A large pedal set has two pedals with wide footrest which boast adjustable angle of inclination for optimized control. Plus, with a central clamping system with wide jaws, this racing wheel installs easily on your desk, and delivers stable, precise control that empowers you to get past the checkered flag and into the winner's circle.

Product manufactured under official Ferrari license. The name with worldwide fame!

  • Ferrari is the emblem of victory and automotive competition values that are genuinely appreciated by gamers.
  • Ferrari and Thrustmaster share the same values: passion, performance, innovation and quality.

Central Clamping System with Wide Jaws

The built-in Central Clamping System allows you to mount the racing wheel to a desk or table for added stability.

Two Sensitivity Modes

  • Normal sensitivity (default)
  • High sensitivity