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Thrustmaster T128 XBox Series Racing Wheel And Pedal Set | TM-WHL-T128-XB

AED 925.00
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  • 270 to 900° Rotation
  • For Xbox Series X/S & PC
  • Dynamic Force Feedback Wheel
  • Precision T-MP Magnetic Paddle Shifters

Thrustmaster T128 XBox Series Racing Wheel And Pedal Set | TM-WHL-T128-XB

The Thrustmaster T128 Racing Wheel and Pedal Set for Xbox Series X/S & PC is an all-in-one kit to upgrade your virtual driving to a full-fledged racing simulation experience. Multiple feedback and control features deliver seamless operation across all types of vehicle-based games at an accessible price. The wheel sports a complete Xbox interface and comes packaged with a Thrustmaster T2PM pedal set.

Immersive Feedback
Thrustmaster's T128 racing wheel carries a host of features to put you in the driver's seat of your favorite racing games. Driving is intuitive and realistic yet packaged for gamers of all budgets. Thrustmaster uses HYBRID Drive Force Feedback to attain effects one would expect from driving games that emphasize realism. Different driving surfaces might feel slick or rugged and every impact can be felt thanks to this system. Whether participating in F1 circuits or delivering cargo cross country, the wheel's feedback effects and maximum rotation automatically adjust to different vehicles in-game to provide the optimized experience.
The immersive capabilities of the T128 are supported by additional design choices for smoother and more enjoyable racing sessions. Gear shift paddles located behind the wheel are equipped by HallEffect AccuRate Technology (H.E.A.R.T.) which opts for magnetic sensors over more traditional switch mechanisms. H.E.A.R.T. allows the shifter to achieve an impressively quick 30 ms response time. It is frictionless and contactless to help provide durability and precision over long-term use. The included T2PM pedal set employs a magnetic sensor system for reliable and well-proportioned acceleration and braking.

Versatile Interface
The control surface of the T128 frees you from the need for additional gamepads, reducing clutter in your gaming space and promoting a more streamlined experience. A full Xbox controller interface is located on the front of the wheel for easy navigation of game menus with two additional handbrake buttons are symmetrically placed for ambidextrous operation. Convenient LED indicators are located front and center for monitoring engine speeds thus reducing the footprint of your in-game HUD. The wheel column is built with tabletops and desks in mind to provide quality racing simulation regardless of the size of your gaming setup. A clamp and screw are included for safe and secure mounting of the T128.