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Thrustmaster T-GT II Racing Wheel And Pedal Set - Black | TM-WHL-TGT-2

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  • Proprietary Magnetic H.E.A.R.T. Technology
  • For PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 & PC
  • 3-Pedal T3PA GT II Pedal Set Included
  • TH8A & TSS Handbrake Compatible
  • 40-Watt Brushless Servo Motor
  • Leather-Wrapped Wheel
  • 25 Action Buttons
  • Dual-Belt System

Thrustmaster T-GT II Racing Wheel And Pedal Set - Black | TM-WHL-TGT-2

Immerse yourself in your favorite racing games with the robust and realistic feel of the Thrustmaster T-GT II Racing Wheel. Built with an enhanced brushless motor, high-end internal components from the European automotive industry, and a range of reliable proprietary technologies, the T-GT II is the ideal racing wheel for racing enthusiasts looking for a life-like experience. While officially licensed for PlayStation 5 and Gran Turismo, the T-GT II is also compatible with the PlayStation 4 and PC with limited capabilities.

Realistic Button Layout
This leather-wrapped racing wheel gives you an authentic feel that can withstand hours of racing. You get 25 action buttons, 1 push-button, and 4 rotary selectors that are natively recognized in GT Sport. You get access to differential braking, traction control, fuel mapping, torque management options, and more with the T-GT II.

Enhanced Racing Servo
A high-velocity 40-watt brushless motor provides you with enhanced and responsive force feedback with high torque capacity, making sure every twist and turn feels as realistic as possible. Dual-belt system offers smooth turning without any dead zones, ensuring each inch counts as you turn the wheel for precise and accurate racing.

Optimized Quality
Thrustmaster designed the T-GT II with enhanced internal components from the European automotive industry (T-AECQ), maximizing the quality and lifespan of the wheel while adding reliability to the wheel. A quick and easy wheel changing system allows you to use different types of optional wheels to further immerse you in your F1, rally, and street racing experiences.

H.E.A.R.T. Equipped
Enhancing your experience is a slew of Thrustmaster's proprietary technologies, each designed to immerse you into your favorite racing games. H.E.A.R.T. magnetic technology provides enhanced accuracy and precision when you turn the wheel and press the pedals, ensuring each turn and press is accurately captured and recreated in your games.

Accuracy and Precision
Immersing you further in your experience is a range of Thrustmaster design features, giving you a realistic experience. Real-Time Force Feedback (T-RTF), Drift Curve Calculation (T-DCC), and Linear brushless Force Feedback (T-40VE) add a sense of realism, making it feel as if the road is fighting against you as you overtake your opponents.

The T-GT II includes the 3-pedal T3PA GT II set, giving you gas, break, and even clutch options. You can also expand upon your setup with optional Thrustmaster THBA shifter and TSS Handbrake modules, immersing you further into your favorite racing titles.