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HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 for VR | 99HASS002-00

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Capture body movements with extreme precision or create a connection between real objects and the virtual world

HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 for VR | 99HASS002-00


Full-body Tracking
Take your VR experience to the next level with the 3rd generation Vive Tracker to track full-body movements or easily integrate custom objects, devices. Bringing reality to virtual reality is the mission of the Vive Tracker 3.0.

More ergonomics and autonomy
The New VIVE Tracker 3.0 has many improvements over its previous version. It is 15% lighter, 33% smaller and offers a 75% longer battery life. You can work, train and create longer with greater ease and precision.

Compatible with many VR games
For gamers looking for more immersion, use the Vive Tracker 3.0 supported by many virtual reality games (Example on VivePort: VRChat, After The Fall, Audica, Warcade...)

For companies & developers
VIVE Tracker is a device that offers vast possibilities for accurate motion detection or the position of a real world object/animal. For film production, you can create character animations easily or work with virtual sets. Sports simulation can also boost the performance of your athletes.