DXRacer Gaming Ergonomic Comfortable Desk - Black | GD/1000/N

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  • Double Triangle Design, Strong and Durable
  • High Quality ABS+Wooden Desk Board+Steel Rod Frame
  • 10 Degree Slope
  • Massive Wire Management
  • 360 Degree Rotatable, Easy to Move

DXRacer Gaming Ergonomic Comfortable Desk - Black | GD/1000/N



Model: GD/1000/N 
Color: Black 
Material: High quality ABS+Wooden desk board+Steel rod frame 
Desk size: 47.30"(l)×31.50"(w)×31.50"(h) 
Package size: 47.30"(l)×31.50"(w) × 14.57"(h) 
Angle of attack 
10 degree slope provides optimal ergonomic angle to rest your forearm. 
Exrended work surface 
Provides extra support for the foream when mousing or writing. 
Stable structure 
Double triangle design.Triangles are the strongest structure possible. 
Massive wire management 
Large opening ×4 to handle all the wires and cables you can throw at it. 
The DXRACER difference 
Large, 360 degree rotatable, Trapezoid feet provide a large surface for a stable base of support that is easy to move and dose not damage your floor. Raised perimeter 
Keeps your stuff where it belongs...on your desk.