Ducky One 2 Mini Cherry RGB Blue Switches Mechanical Keyboard - White | DKON2061ST-CUSPDWWT1

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Blue Switch


Seamless PBT Doubleshot

White keycaps

White top case white bottom case


GCC Gamers Offers Mechanical Keyboards With High-End Design

Ducky One 2 Mini White is now available in a minimalist 60% keyboard form of gamers who want to have a cleaner desk space instead of extra editing keys and numeric pad which is available with keyboards of standard width. One of the newest keyboards launched by Ducky, this keyboard offers satisfactory performance with high-end design. The case of the keyboard is made from ABS plastic and has two-stage colors. We also offer 10 Random colored keycaps with each keyboard for adding some color to this keyboard. It is fully RGB backlit with numerous programs that you can switch, such as RGB Breathing effect, to either single color or off.

What Is Unique About Ducky One 2 Mini Cherry RGB Blue Switches Mechanical Keyboard 

The keyboard is lightweight and highly portable. It has a brand new bezel design and a dual-layer PCB. The keyboard has a dual-layer PCB and 3 level adjustable feet also. It also has a mechanical switch with a noticeable tactile and audible feedback. The keyboard has a sleek frame and has dual colors which all varieties of keycap colorways.