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Cougar Ranger Pro Royal PVC leather Gaming Sofa - Black\Gold | 3MRGPGLB.0001

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  • Side Pocket for Storage
  • Swivel Table
  • USB Type-C Charging Port
  • Lumbar Pillow

Cougar Ranger Pro Royal Gaming Sofa - Black\Gold | 3MRGPGLB.0001

Detachable swivel table

A versatile swivel table puts everything you need to rule your domain at your fingertips. Whether you're managing a second device to keep track of strategies or simply enjoying refreshments, this feature ensures convenience without interrupting your gameplay.

USB Type-C Charging Port
The built-in USB charging port lets you stay fully charged, keeping your devices or peripherals powered up without pause.
**Power adapter and charging cable not included.

Side storage pocket

A convenient side pocket keeps your essentials within easy reach, letting you focus on your game.

High-quality breathable PVC leather

The Ranger Series features extra-thick premium PVC leather, specially selected for its supple texture and excellent breathability, letting air pass through so you stay fresh and comfortable.

Headrest and lumbar pillow
Ergonomic support for your head and lumbar regions eliminates tension and fatigue, keeping you relaxed and healthy throughout your campaigns.

Adjustable Design
A range of settings
focused 115º
neutral 125º
laid-back 157º
presents you with options for dialling in your preferred recline.