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Cougar NxSys Aero PVC Leather Gaming Chair - Black\Orange | 3MARP0RB.0001

AED 1,100.00
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  • Integrated 200mm RGB fan
  • High-Density Mold Shaping Foam
  • Highly breathable mesh cloth
  • Size: Max

Cougar NxSys Aero PVC Leather Gaming Chair - Black\Orange | 3MARP0RB.0001

Cold Fusion
The integrated 200mm RGB fan is the revolutionary heart of the NxSys Aero, circulating cool air within the chair and directing the airflow towards your back, making sure you literally don’t break a sweat even at your highest energy levels.

Air Bender

The NxSys Aero introduces a new level of comfort by harnessing the air itself. Unlike traditional backrests, a hollow space between the innovative elastomeric mesh and specially ventilated back cover acts as adaptive cushioning that makes you feel like you’re floating on air.

Back To The Future
A physiotherapy-grade lumbar pillow provides targeted support to the lower back to reduce strain and encourage healthy posture, while a magnetic head cushion can be precisely placed for optimal comfort.

Plug and Play

The RGB fan stays connected to the NxSys Aero's discreetly placed power bank slot through internal wiring: no more cord mess.
*Power bank not included.

Switch It Up
Take control of your gaming experience: easily adjust the speed settings of the RGB fan and fine-tune the lighting to your liking with the flick of a switch, all at your fingertips.

Scalloped Bucket Seat

The high-density foam seat is more gently scalloped than the angled flanks on conventional bucket-style seats, providing a wider support area and more robust cushioning.

Breathable Premium Upholstery

The NxSys Aero is fitted in premium PVC leather, specially selected for its supple texture and excellent breathability, letting air pass through so you stay fresh and comfortable.