Cougar Immersa 3.5mm wired Circumaural Gaming Headset Black and Orange | CGR-P40NB-300

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  • Ultra-lightweight suspended leather headband design. Cable length: 2M
  • High quality Stereo sound.
  • Automatic Omni-directional Adaptive ear shells
  • Retractable Microphone - flexible, convenient, durable and does get lost
  • Control unit on the cable with Volume control and Microphone on/off functions

Cougar immersas unique suspended leather headband design allows you to reach new levels of comfort. Built with carefully chosen materials, immersas Ultra lightweight will allow you to wear it for extended periods of time without experiencing any kind of discomfort. The 100mm ear pads will always keep your ears comfortably covered and isolated from external noise. To fit all head shapes and sizes, immersas flexible Structure and automatic Omni-directional adaptation will allow it to perform a 360 adjustments to maximize your comfort. Immersa comes with a 4 pole connector that will allow you to use with laptops, phones, tablets and other devices. When the time comes to connect it to a desktop computer, an adaptor will allow you to separate the audio into two 3 pole connectors for audio input and output. Add to this its retractile Microphone that appears or disappears according to your needs and you have a headset that will provide exactly what you need when you need it.