AOC Agon AG272FCX 68.6cm 27-inches Full HD LED Monitor | AG272FCX

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  • High performance solution with all the benefits of variable refresh rate technology.
  • Based on industry standards, not expensive proprietary solutions.
  • Cheaper and easier to implement: no additional monitor hardware, no license fees.
  • Cheaper for consumers.
  • Support multiple use cases: Gaming, Video, Power Saving.

The AOC AG272FCX gaming monitor features a 27" screen, AMD FreeSync, 144Hz refresh rate and an array of other functions. Specially designed for gaming, it's the ultimate monitor for bringing out the best of any player.

Free Sync Technology

AMD FreeSync™ delivers effortlessly smooth gameplay with fluid, artefact-free performance at virtually any frame rate. Finally you can put an end to frame tearing & stuttering ruining the game.