Anda Seat Large Size Gaming Chair Swivel Rocker Tilt E-sports Recliner Office Chair with Pillows - White/Pink | AD7-02-PW-PV

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  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar cushion
  • 360 Degree Swivel Rocker Tilt E-Sports Chair
  • Height and Armrest adjustable
  • 90 to 160 recliner

Anda Seat Large Size Gaming Chair Swivel Rocker Tilt E-sports Recliner Office Chair with Pillows - White/Pink

The Anda Seat AD7-02 is a high back ergonomic gaming chair with a vividly bright pink and white theme. It features a premium aluminium star feet base with Class 4 hydraulic pistons, 90 to 160 degree tilt mechanism, 4D arm rests, 60mm PU covered wheels and high density mould shaping foam with an enhanced steel frame designed to keep comfortable during long gaming sessions.

Includes a head rest and lumbar support pillow. 

Recommended size & weight is 5’2” - 6’2” and under 129kg. Maximum is 6’10” and 158kg.

High Quality Core Materials

PVC leather

Highly stain-resistant, durable and scratch-resistant, same material and original design as race car seat.

3D Adjustable Armrests

The purpose of armrests is to rest your arms, nothing would do a better job than Andaseat highly adjustable 3D armrests. The surface is covered by PU, support the forearm to relieve wrist pressure and muscle strain which maximum your gaming experience.

90 to 160 degree tilt mechanism

Our special designed Conventional Tilt Mechanism handles heavy duty, provides you with fully control over the suspension of the chair.

It has adjustable tilt for increasing and decreasing tension by matching the body weight of the user for effortless, secure and sturdy rocking, without putting fatigue on muscles.

Velour Head Pillow & Lumbar Support Cushion

Andaseat ergonomic design neck pillow and lumbar support cushion would help you sit straight in the right posture, they not only make it easier to focus on your work but also take care of your health.

High Density Mould Shaping Foam

65Kg/m3 density foam padding for true ergonomic support and comfort.

Steel Framework

In order to make the best gaming chair, Andaseat uses 22mm diameter enhanced steel frame with ergonomic design to contour the human body.

*Premium Construction 
*Extremely Durable 

Class 4 hydraulic pistons

Class 4 hydraulic pistons are the best in its class in terms of consistency (99.9%), stability, and safety.

Throught the EU standard SGS certification

5-star Aluminum Base

Andaseat premium grade aluminum base provides not only impeccable stability but also strength.

Static Load: 1500KG 
Dynamic Load: 600KG 
Ribs: lncrease the supporting weight

60mm PU covered wheel (King Size)

Our wider wheels are covered with durable PU rubber which provides stability of the chair, ensures smooth movement to all direction and kind to floor surfaces.