Thermaltake TH420 ARGB Sync AIO CPU Liquid Cooler - Snow Edition | CL-W369-PL14SW-A

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TH420 ARGB Sync Snow is a 420mm all-in-one liquid cooler capable of dissipating heat from the next-generation Intel and AMD CPUs. It has three performance-enhanced 140mm ARGB Sync White Fans with a maximum speed of 1800 RPM and supports 5V RGB-compatible motherboards for lighting control.

Thermaltake TH420 ARGB Sync AIO CPU Liquid Cooler - Snow Edition | CL-W369-PL14SW-A


New 420mm Model for Next Generation CPUs
A new generation CPU means higher demands for your CPU cooling devices, and our TH420 ARGB Sync is the budget-friendly option for your new build. This 420mm all-in-one liquid cooler has three performance-enhanced 140mm ARGB Sync Fans with a maximum fan speed of 1800 RPM that can guarantee great cooling performance at dissipating heat effectively.

Pair with our Ceres 500 Mid-Tower Chassis
Want to build a nice PC with this TH420 ARGB Sync AIO but don’t want to use a bulky-size chassis?
Are you concerned if a smaller chassis will fit a 420mm AIO? Go with our Ceres 500 Mid-Tower Chassis and build a PC with great cooling performance and remain synchronized!

Faster Fans for Better Performance
Equipped with three look-alike CT140 ARGB Sync Fans that have an enhanced fan speed of up to 1800 RPM, ensuring the best performance of this AIO. The fan blades have been optimized to generate balanced airflow and static pressure, guaranteeing the greatest cooling performance in the affordable AIO price category. Additionally, each fan features 9 addressable LEDs and supports 5V motherboard software lighting control.

Larger Radiator Higher Efficiency
Specially designed 420mm large surface radiator increases surface, delivering exceptional heat dissipation.

Get the Right Material to Get Extra Cool
The high-performance copper base plate accelerates heat conductivity. The high-quality and reliable pump enables maximum water circulation, keeping the copper plate continuously cool. The low evaporation tube effectively decreases the loss of coolant; therefore, no refill is required.

Simple but Elegant Lighting
You can customize the water block and fan lighting effects through your 5V motherboard sync software. By changing the lighting of the TH420 ARGB Sync, you can distribute elegant illumination through your build.

Note: This product requires motherboard sync for ARGB lighting effects