MSI PRO Z790-A MAX WIFI ATX DDR5 Motherboard - White| 911-7E07-018

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  • ATX Form Factor
  • Intel Z790 Chipset
  • LGA 1700 Socket
  • 4 x Dual-Channel DDR5

MSI PRO Z790-A MAX WIFI ATX DDR5 Motherboard - White| 911-7E07-018

You get a variety of cooling enhancements designed to keep your components safe even under heavy loads. Extended and heavy-plated VRM heat sinks, M.2 Shield Frozr, enlarged chipset heat sink, and 7W/mK thermal padding with additional choke protection all work together to keep the onboard hardware safe. Dedicated headers for CPU coolers, water-block coolers, and system fans assist with installation and ensuring your cooling solution runs perfectly to your adjustments when teamed with various integrated programs. BIOS settings offer comprehensive cooling performance options allowing you to make easy adjustments, manage fan profiles, auto-detect fans, and monitor temperatures with just one click.

Power Solution
Utilizing a 16 phase mirrored power arrangement, you experience enhanced digital power design that can handle large loads while optimizing efficiency, giving you enhanced performance ready to take on high-powered components. A six-layer, 2 oz copper PCB supports high-bandwidth for faster transfer speeds.

DIY-Friendly Design
Whether you are a first time or seasoned builder, the PRO Z790-A MAX WIFI is designed to promote easy assembly and reduce the guesswork in your system. You get a keep out zone and XL PCIe clip, which help with component installation, while double ESD protection and EZ debug LEDs offer support for your software. You also get BIOS flashback capabilities along with a Driver Utility Installer which streamlines your system setup. This motherboard is also Windows 11 Certified, ensuring proper usage with the operating system.

An array of protections is built into the PRO Z790-A MAX WIFI including reinforced power connectors, stainless steel I/O panels, solidified grounding structure, OCP protection, and TVS technologies, all working together to prevent electrical damage.

Expansion Capabilities
MSI's Lightning Gen 5 PCIe bandwidth supports up to 128 GB/s data transfer speeds and sports a Steel Armor covering that offers a reinforced casing to help support heavy, large graphics cards. You also get enhanced storage speeds, USB-C speeds, and more.

Memory Layout
Quad DDR5 RAM slots utilize XMP technology to boost the speed of your memory to greater levels, optimizing render and multitasking speeds. Memory Extension Mode optimizes memory parameters to achieve lower latency and higher performance.

BIOS & Software
Explore greater possibilities with various BIOS and software programs confined into a centralized application called MSI Center, giving you access to Mystic Light, True Color, User Scenario, Hardware Monitoring, Profile sharing, Fan Center, and System Diagnosis. Click BIOS 5 allows you to easily navigate the internal settings of your system with EZ-Mode and ADVANCED modes. Resizable Bar configures your system for greater GPU speeds. A free trial period for AIDA64 is also included.

Audio Support
Audio Boost 5 leverages a high-performance ALC4080 codec and audio processor to deliver clear audio, accompanied high-quality audio capacitors, audio jacks with S/PDIF, an isolated signal, and De-POP protection.

Mystic Light
Utilize RGB peripherals and strips with built-in colorization backed by A-RAINBOW V2, standard RGB colorization, and Ambient Link technology that synchronizes exterior systems like lighting panels.