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MSI B760 Gaming Plus WiFi Intel ATX Motherboard | 911-7D98-012

AED 685.00
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  • ATX Form Factor
  • B760 Chipset
  • LGA 1700 Socket
  • DIY Friendly

MSI B760 Gaming Plus WiFi Intel ATX Motherboard | 911-7D98-012

Set the foundation of your next PC build with the robust MSI B760 Gaming Plus WiFi Intel ATX Motherboard | 911-7D98-012 Designed to leverage the power of 12th and 13th Gen Intel CPUs, the GAMING PLUS sports a layout designed to give gaming enthusiasts essential connectivity options ideal for starter builds.

Intel's LGA 1700 socket rests at the heart of the GAMING PLUS, allowing you to install a variety of 12th and 13th Gen processors to match your needs. Four DDR5 RAM slots allow you to install up to 192GB of memory to enhance multitasking and render speeds. Four SATA III and two M.2 PCIe SSD interfaces can support a wide range of storage drives that allow quicker data transfer speeds. Connect an array of graphics and utility cards with PCIe 4.0 x16, 4.0 x16 (in x4 mode), and 3.0 x4 expansion slots. Between back-panel connections and internal headers, you get several USB 2.0, 3.2 Gen 1 and Gen 2 ports, designed for devices such as keyboards and mice as well as resource-demanding devices like audio interfaces. You also get Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity for wireless peripheral support, giving you a true cable-free experience. Connect to your network with a wired or wireless connection with a built-in 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port and Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) options, respectively.

Enhanced Design
Providing you with enhanced performance, the GAMING PLUS utilizes several features and electrical designs to optimize your gaming experience with the 12+1+1 Dual Rail Power System. Extended heat sink, pump fan support, M.2 Shield Frozr, and chipset heat sink with 7W/mK thermal pad all work together to ensure your system remains cool under heavy loads.
DIY Friendly
Whether you are a seasoned or a brand new builder, the GAMING PLUS offers several enhancements that are useful to everyone. EZ M.2 Clip makes securing your SSDs quick, easy, and screw-free. Driver Utility Installer keeps your firmware up to date, preventing potential software issues. You also have several other conveniences such as the EZ debug LEDs, Double ESD Protection, and an electrical keep-out zone.
Built for Performance
The GAMING PLUS' PCIe 4.0 x16 slot is backed by their proprietary Lightning Gen 4 technology, giving you up to 64 GB/s bandwidth, driving up graphical performance. Integrated Xtreme Memory Profile (XMP) overclocks your memory and ensures proper electrical throughput for greater RAM speeds.
Software Enhancements
Various ingrained systems allow you to fully optimize your gaming experience. MSI Center is a one-stop-shop platform for most of your needs. You can customize your settings with Profile Setting, Fan Center, System Diagnosis, Hardware Monitoring, User Scenario, and True Color settings. You also have various BIOS settings that can be adjusted with EZ-Mode or Advanced Mode along with Resizable Bar, adding even more optimization options for your system.
Reliable Design
MSI PCI Express Steel Armor slots are secured to the motherboard with extra solder points to support the weight of heavy graphics cards. When every advantage in games counts, Steel Armor also shields the point of contact from electromagnetic interference.
Enhanced Audio
Ensure your audio is top-notch with an array of high-definition processors, audio capacitors, and jacks designed to deliver immersive audio suitable for your games and media. Isolated audio signal splits channels to prevent crosstalk for an even clearer sound. Protect your ears as you plug and unplug your headset with De-Pop Protection.
Mystic Light
Mystic Light allows you to customize your lighting colors and effects to add personality to your system.