Corsair Hydro Series H55 Liquid CPU Cooler | CW-9060010-WW

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  • 1 x 120mm Fan
  • 1 x Radiator
  • Factory-Filled Coolant
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Copper Cold Plate
  • Compatible with AMD & Intel Sockets

The Hydro Series H55 Liquid CPU Cooler from Corsair is an all-in-one CPU cooling system that is completely self-contained and does not need filling or maintenance. This cooling system features a 120mm radiator with a fan that cools the liquid coolant coming from the CPU pump head. The 120mm fan spins at 1700 rpm and has a noise level of 30.32 dBA.

The pump head can be installed on to Intel and AMD processors without the need for tools using the included mounting kit. It is designed with a microfin copper cold plate for providing fast and efficient heat transfers from the processor to the circulating liquid. Furthermore, this pump features a low profile design that simplifies installation and helps improve the airflow inside your computer case.

Tool-free Mounting Bracket Kit
The Hydro Series H55 works with Intel and AMD based motherboards. The included mounting bracket kit simplifies installation with a tool-free design.
Low-noise, Low-speed 120mm Fan
The low speed and wide diameter reduces noise levels over the smaller, faster fans used on stock CPU coolers. The three-pin connector is compatible with fan controllers on your motherboard.
Low Permeability Rubber Tubing
The tubing is made from rubber that is flexible and is resilient against leaks. This material provides minimal coolant evaporation, which helps ensure long life for the H55 cooler.
Low-profile Pump
The pump unit provides high-speed circulation without taking a lot of space. This makes installation easier, and helps improve your case's airflow.
Copper Microfin Cold Plate with Pre-applied Thermal Compound
The cold-plate draws heat from your CPU into the circulating liquid. It features a microfin design to provide fast and efficient heat transfer and is made from copper that offers thermal conductivity. To help transfer heat and simplify installation, Corsair has already applied the thermal compound onto the cold plate.
Low-profile Black Aluminum Heat Exchanger
The low-profile design of the radiator reduces the airflow requirement, which helps make H55 quieter. The small size also allows for easier installation and improved compatibility.