AMD Radeon PRO W6400 4 GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Graphic Card | 100-506189

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With Radeon PRO Graphics you are not only getting a premium hardware experience, you are also receiving a solid driver experience. Advanced, enterprise-grade features include boosted viewports, remote working3, security and industry leading professional software certifications as standard.

4 GB of Super-Fast Memory.
Your Gateway to Greater Content.
Using modern, high-performing GDDR6 memory, this GPU offers the potential to work with bigger files than comparable light-workload GPUs. With the ability to load large content into memory, and open multiple applications, this GPU is built for today’s modern professional worker.

It Needs Little Power.
This GPU makes upgrading your existing system easy. Often a GPU needs a dedicated external power connector, but this one is designed to be powered from the system’s standard PCIe® slot, along the base of the card. This means it can go into any compatible workstation system and start working its graphics magic almost immediately.

Astonishingly Responsive. Dependable. And Super-Speedy.
Discover the Upgraded Radeon PRO Experience.
This is what a mainstream GPU should offer you, from the use of premium components, dependable enterprise-grade software to the optimizations and certifications for many popular industry applications. Our PRO GPUs are purpose built to deliver outstanding performance and reliability, at a reasonable price.

2 Bracket Possibilities Included.
Flexibility Offered as Standard.
This card is designed for flexibility and ease of mounting into your choice of a new or existing workstation. As workstations evolve and different form factors appear, the bracket to secure the GPU needs to change too. To support this we include two helpful bracket options in the box. One for small form factors, the other for standard chassis. Changing it is super-simple, quick and convenient