Razer Seiren V3 Mini Ultra-Compact USB Microphone - Black | RZ19-05050100-R3M1

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  • 14 mm Condenser Mic
  • Supercardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Tap-to-Mute Sensor with LED Indicator

Razer Seiren V3 Mini Ultra-Compact USB Microphone - Black | RZ19-05050100-R3M1

The Razer Seiren V3 Mini Black Microphone is a compact yet powerful recording device designed for podcasters, streamers, and content creators. With its sleek black finish and compact design, this microphone is perfect for on-the-go recording and professional studio setups alike.

Equipped with a high-quality condenser capsule and supercardioid pickup pattern, the Seiren V3 Mini delivers crisp, clear audio with minimal background noise. Whether you're recording vocals, instruments, or voiceovers, this microphone ensures that your sound is captured with precision and clarity.

Thanks to its plug-and-play USB connection, the Seiren V3 Mini is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it easy to set up and use without the need for additional drivers or software. Simply plug in the microphone, select it as your input device, and you're ready to start recording.

With built-in controls for microphone gain and headphone volume, the Seiren V3 Mini allows you to fine-tune your recording levels and monitor your audio in real time. This ensures that you can achieve the perfect sound without any guesswork or post-processing.

Additionally, the microphone features a 3.5mm headphone output for zero-latency monitoring, allowing you to hear your voice or instrument directly without any delay. This makes it easy to stay in sync with your performance and make adjustments on the fly.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Seiren V3 Mini also includes a swivel mount with adjustable angle and integrated shock absorption to reduce handling noise and vibrations. This allows you to position the microphone exactly where you need it and capture professional-quality audio without any unwanted interference.

Whether you're recording podcasts, live streaming, or creating content for YouTube, the Razer Seiren V3 Mini Black Microphone is a versatile and reliable tool for capturing high-quality audio. With its compact design, advanced features, and easy setup, this microphone is a must-have for any aspiring or experienced content creator.

Upgrade your recording setup with the Razer Seiren V3 Mini and take your audio production to the next level.