DataVan Thermal Receipt Printer USB+RS232 | D600

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D600 USB
  • Capacity: 576 dots / line (80mm)
  • Printing speed: 260mm / s
  • Interface: Serial + USB
  • Printing paper: 79.5 ± 0.5mm × φ80mm
  • Line spacing: 3.75mm
  • Weight: 1.45kg
  • Dimensions: 194.5x145x147mm (D × W × H)

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DataVan D600 (USB + RS232 + LAN) Advantages of the XPrinter Q260 supermarket bill printer The XPrinter Q260 supermarket bill printer is a line of upgraded printers from the XPrinter T260, a line of printers that have hit the market.

-       Compact design, modern


-       The DataVan D600 invoice printer features 3 USB + RS232 ports for convenient connection in your area, especially suitable for kitchen printers in the coffe restaurant system.


-       The DataVan D600 invoice printer is compact designed so the layout in the work space is not too difficult. The user can freely place the machine to his liking without spending too much space. Besides, with the elegant color, the printer invoice DataVan D600 also makes your work space become more modern.


-       With a speed of 260 mm / s of the machine is quite fast, users can save a lot of time for the cashier, buyers do not have to wait too long waiting for the receipt and count. money.


-       DataVan D600 invoice printer has a variety of interfaces, users can choose according to the needs and conditions of use.


With the outstanding features of the DataVan D600 receipt printer, you should choose this line to assist you in sales management.