NVIDIA Powers the World’s AI. And Yours.

When it comes to AI PCs, the best have NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ GPUs inside. That’s because the same technology powering world-leading AI innovation is built into every RTX GPU, giving you the power to do the extraordinary. From class to work to entertainment, with RTX-powered AI, you’re getting the most advanced AI experiences available on Windows PCs.

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  • Advanced AI PCs

    Get the fastest performance in over 500 AI-accelerated apps and games.

  • AI-Enhanced Video

    The sharpest streaming, fastest editing, and improved video conferencing.

  • Best in Class

    Conquer your coursework with AI-accelerated STEM apps for students.

  • On-Device Secure

    Your data stays secure on your device—no internet required.

Multiply Your Performance

As compared to a laptop without a GeForce RTX Laptop GPU. Hardware: GeForce RTX 4060 Laptop GPU with up to 140W maximum graphics power. | Faster AI Model Training: Training MLPerf-compliant TensorFlow/ResNet50 on WSL (images/sec) vs. Intel Core i7 13th gen CPU with integrated graphics. | Higher FPS in Modern Games: Baldur’s Gate 3 with Ultra Quality Preset, DLSS Super Resolution Quality Mode at 1080p (average frames per second) vs. Intel Core i7 13th gen CPU with integrated graphics. | Faster Image Generation: Time taken to generate a batch of 20 images Stable Diffusion XL with Automatic1111 vs. Apple MacBook Pro with M3 Pro.

AI for Gaming

Gaming Powered by AI

Level up your gaming experience with RTX and AI-powered technology enhancing everything from frame rates to fidelity. Plus, enjoy portable, powerful laptops with AI-powered Max-Q technologies to optimize your laptop’s performance.

Top Tools for the Creative Trade

AI-Enhanced Apps

All Your Favorite Apps, Now Smarter

More and more apps are featuring AI every day—and with an RTX AI PC, you’ll be able to power them in the best possible way.

AI That TOPS the Charts

Measured in trillions of operations per second, or TOPS, the AI processing power of NVIDIA GeForce RTX Laptop GPUs is in a class all its own.