PNY NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation 48GB GDDR6 With ECC Graphics Card

The Nvidia RTX A6000 is a graphics card that was released on Dec 3rd, 2022, that designed specifically for use in professional desktop workstations. The NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card provides the performance as well as the features and functionality that are necessary to address the challenges that are presented by modern professional workflows. 

The RTX 6000 is a graphics processing unit (GPU) that is based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. It provides unmatched performance in rendering, artificial intelligence (AI), graphics, and computation thanks to a combination of RT Cores from the third generation, Tensor Cores from the fourth generation, and CUDA cores from the next generation. Workstations that are powered by NVIDIA RTX 6000 provide you with the tools you require to succeed in the extremely competitive and challenging business world of today. But, the RTX 6000 Ada is not a gaming graphics card. Therefore, it is not preferred to be used in gaming PC because it has no dual-fan cooling.  RTX 6000 Ada has 300W TDP, unlike RTX 4090's 450W. Memory is the most appealing feature of this GPU to potential buyers. This card includes a 384-bit bus and 48GB of GDDR6 memory.

With the new NVIDIA RTX 6000 Next Generation GPU's real-time rendering, graphics, and Intelligence, designers and engineers can use simulation-based workflows to generate and validate more complex designs. Supercomputing capacity on workstations can help scientists, researchers, and doctors discover life-saving drugs and procedures faster.

Detailed Analysis Of The Specifications

Let's get started with a comprehensive discussion of the PNY NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card's features and technical characteristics now.

Graphics Processor

Based on the AD102 GPU, the PNY NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card is a variant of the AD102 GPU. The AD102 GPU is based on Ada Lovelace architecture. It is built using a 4nm production process and has a die area that is 608 mm2; additionally, it incorporates 76,300 transistors.

Board Design

The PNY NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card is a dual-slot card that draws a maximum of 300 watts of power and has 1 x 16-pin power connector from which it receives power. The RTX 6000 Ada generation graphics card has a length of 267 millimeters and a width of 112 millimeters. It is equipped with 4x DisplayPort 1.4a, which can display outputs.

Clock Speeds

This graphics processing unit (GPU) operates at a 915 MHz frequency that can be boosted up to 2505 MHz. The GPU has a memory that operates at 2500 MHz 20 Gbps effectively.


The PNY NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card includes a memory interface with 384 bits, which can connect up to 48 gigabytes of GDDR6 memory and has a bandwidth of 960.0 gigabytes per second. 

Render Configuration

18176 shading units, 568 texture mapping units, and 142 ray tracing acceleration cores make up this processor. Additionally, it has 568 tensor cores, which increase the speed of applications that use machine learning. The modern graphics card's 192 ROPs, or raster operations pipeline, are used in the rendering process. It has 142 SM counts. It has an L1 cache of 128 KB (per SM) and an L2 cache of 96 MB, both of which can be accessed very quickly.

Theoretical Performance

A PNY NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card can render 481 pixels per second on the screen as it has a 481 GPixel/s pixel rate. A texture rate of 1,423 GTexel/s is delivered by RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card. The PNY NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card has an FP16 (half) performance of 91.06 TFLOPS, FP32 (float) performance of 91.06 TFLOPS, and FP64 (double) performance of 1,423 GFLOPS. 

Graphics Features 

In addition, the PNY NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card supports DirectX 12 Ultimate (12 2). In order to make games more realistic, ray tracing and variable rate shading are also used. The NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card uses OpenGL 4.6 to create vector graphics and improve the responsiveness of animations. This GPU utilizes OpenCL version 3.0. High-efficiency, cross-platform GPU access is accomplished in it using Vulkan version 1.3. The PNY NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics card utilizes CUDA 8.9, which enables the software to leverage several GPUs. Shader model 6.7 is used.

Wrapping Up!

The Nvidia RTX A6000 is a GPU that is designed for professional desktop workstations. 

The NVIDIA RTXTM 6000 Ada Generation addresses today's professional workflows. The NVIDIA Ada Lovelace-based RTX 6000 Ada combines 142 third-generation RT Cores, 568 fourth-generation Tensor Cores, and 18176 CUDA® cores with 48GB of graphics memory to deliver the next generation of AI graphics and petaflop inferencing performance for unprecedented speed-up of rendering, AI, graphics, and compute workloads.