RTX 4090 in Dubai and RTX 4080 in UAE – Launching and Unlaunching

What are the two graphics cards announced at the GTC?

Both of these GPUs are making a new for streamlining the art of ray tracing and offering peak performance for boosted immersion and exciting gameplay. First, let us look into their specifications:

RTX 4090 in Dubai

The RTX performs twice as fast in the games and four times faster in the ray-traced games. The RTX 4090 comes with a similar 24GB GDDR6X; however, with a gigantic 16,384 cores, this is at least 60 percent bigger than the champ RTX 3090Ti.

RTX 4090 has a boost clock of 2.52GHz, but it can be clocked up to over 3GHz. However, we caution against digesting these speculations until the reviews guarantee them.

The alleged higher TDP of 4090 is also not true. NVIDIA reigned in the 4090s TDP to a similar 450W. All said and done, the boosted performance and the inclusion of this latest generation of GPUs offer the optimum ray tracing performance that is never seen before.

The RTX 4090 in Dubai has been available since October, with a base unit price of $1599.

RTX 4080 in UAE

RTX 4080 is slated to perform twice as fast in the rasterized games and is 3 times as fast for the ray-traced games compared to the 3080 and 3080Ti.

There are two variants of RTX 4080 in UAE:

  • 16 GB model
  • 12 GB model

The only odd thing is the reduction of cores between these generations. RTX 4080 16GB variant comes with 9728 cores as compared to the 3080Ti, which had 10,240 cores. While the RTC 4080 12GB comes with 7680 cores, the RTX 3080 12GB variant has 8960, but this doesn’t make them slower in comparison.

RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 Clock Speeds

The clock speeds for both variants make up for the reduction in cores. The higher clocks per core help 4080 reach a lot of massive performance, with the average boost clock in between the two variants being 2.51/2.61GHz in that order.

This summons a big jump from 1.67/1.71 GHz from the 3080Ti and 3080 variants.

The RTX 4080 in UAEwas slated to release in November. The 16GB variant costs $1199, while the 12GB starts at $899.

Fast RTX 4080 GPU Specs

The newer RTX 4080 GPU brings a huge performance boost of up to 1.6x that is in comparison to the RTX 3080Ti. All thanks to the third-Gen RT cores, the 4th Gen Tensor Cores, the 8th Gen dual AV1 encoder, and the 16GB memory. This is massive for editing up to 12K video RAW files or larger 3D scenes.

3D Art

The artists working with 3D can now do realistic and accurate physics, lighting, and materials while also forming 3D scenes, all without proxies and in real-time. The DLSS 3 now comes in NVIDIA Omniverse beta, also using RTX Tensor Cores and the newer Optical Flow Accelerator for producing additional frames – massively increasing the FPS (frames per second). All of this works to improve smoothness in viewpoint.

Live Streaming

Live streaming and video creative workflows are also accelerated with the help of the new AV1 encoder, with a 40 percent higher encoding efficiency, unlocking the power of higher resolution for crispier image quality.

The newer dual encoders can capture up to 8k resolution at 60 frames per second via OBS studio and GeForce Experience, all the while cutting video export time to half. Most famous video editing apps have launched updates to enable this setting. These include Adobe Premiere Pro via Voukoder plug-in and the Jianying Pro, which is one of China’s video editing applications.

The Blackmagic design, DaVinci resolve, and the MAGIX Vegas Pro also recently added the dual-encoder support.

Innovative Technology

The innovative technology, which includes AI image generators and newer editing tools in the DaVinci Resolve, along with the Adobe apps, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, are making the next level a reality for creators.

In doing so, it lets creators brainstorm concepts rather swiftly, helping them by easily applying advanced effects and removing repetitive, tedious tasks. The 4th-Gen Tensor Cores found on the 40 series GPUs speed all AI tools and deliver nearly twice as much performance over the previous generation.


It is now confirmed that the 12GB variant of RTX 4080 graphics card will be un-launched, as announced by the company. The not-so-surprising news came weeks after the manufacturer unveiled the product as part of its new line of GPUs. The company did not offer much information regarding the decision, only limiting to announcing that the card is ‘not named right.’

It is still unknown what went wrong with the graphics card and what are the real reasons behind it roll-back. But there were some backlash that the manufacturer received after announcing the specs, name and price of the card. These might be t motivations behind the roll-back.