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Every gamer is familiar with the term 'FPS.' FPS or frames per second rates play a crucial role in delivering optimal graphics card performances. The FPS of the game echoes how often in-game images are refreshed to simulate movement or motion. PC experts of the leading computer shops in Dubai can solve low frame rates and consequent issues like choppy in-game movements or frozen screens, using various tricks.  

How Experts Assess FPS Performances of Video Games

The FPS performance of a video game depends on numerous factors. They include -

  • The quality of the PC's hardware (graphics card, CPU, etc.)
  • In-game screen resolution and graphics settings
  • The game's programming code

Of all these factors, the CPU and graphics card performance impact a game's FPS the most. A gaming PC's CPU sends in-game instructions/requirements to the system's GPU (graphics processing unit). The GPU processes these instructions to render appropriate images. These images are then sent to the monitor for display at a rate that doesn't hamper the gaming experience. Hence, the two details PC experts assess are –

  • Whether the CPU is underpowered
  • If the GPU has enough processing power to run the games the user wishes to play on the PC

There's no need to update a gaming PC's CPU and GPU every time there's an FPS-related problem. New versions of these hardware items are launched every month. If gamers follow this approach, they'll end up spending thousands each month. The best solution is to visit the best computer shops in Dubai and find a strong CPU and an up to date GPU that can last for a long time. Then, all FPS-related problems can be easily solved by balancing the game's resolution and graphics settings.

The Best FPS

Most video game developers expect their games to reach frame rates of at least 60 FPS. However, if a gaming PC is delivering anywhere between 30-60 FPS, users shouldn't expect too many lags. As soon as the FPS drops below 30, in-game movements become choppy, and it becomes impossible to move the characters fluidly.
To receive the best FPS on all games, gamers must –

  • Get the latest LCD monitors with refresh rates higher than 60Hz so that the game can cross the 60 FPS mark without causing any significant lags.
  • Play games that are compatible with their gaming PC's GPU. For instance, in some games, the action sequences are so intense, the game's FPS suffers. The GPU cannot process all the moving objects, in-game calculations, or 3D environments. To play such graphics-heavy games, users must upgrade their GPU. 
  • Upgrade their hardware

Should Gamers Purchase Two Graphics Cards?

Another commonly used solution to achieve higher FPS rates is getting two graphics cards. Running two graphics cards on one device pretty much guarantees higher frame rates and higher resolutions. However, running two graphics cards can be very costly. Instead, gamers should opt for the best single graphics card as they offer equally good performances as two low-priced graphics cards.

PC shop experts will recommend the best and the most cost-efficient hardware updates. They'll also recommend the best graphics settings or help the gamer manually tweak screen resolution settings to guarantee high FPS rates.