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Passionate gamers spend months assembling their gaming PCs. But, after a while, the PC fails to deliver optimal gaming experiences. Be it a malware issue or a low-FPS rate – when gaming PCs stop delivering, it's time to seek expert help. Here's how a top Abu Dhabi computer shop helps gamers optimize their PCs-

Understanding The Reasons Behind Poor Performance

Seeking expert help is a must for gamers who aren't familiar with the internal components of the PC. Sometimes, the internal hardware or the operating system of the PC doesn't match a game's recommended system requirements. Other times, there are malware or graphics issues. The first thing that gamers can expect while visiting a top Abu Dhabi computer shop is a complete assessment of their aging PCs.

These experts have plenty of tricks to optimize a gaming PC. Here's how these experts assess the PC and make apt improvements -

Evaluating the Quality of The Hardware

The first thing that PC experts do to optimize a gaming PC is to conduct a thorough hardware evaluation. They corroborate the hardware qualities with the minimum system requirements for playing particular games.

If the gaming PC's rig cannot handle certain types of games, hardware updates are the best solutions. These experts run programs to assess both the quality of the PC's hardware and the efficiency of the PC's operating system. They assess the PC's -

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • GPU
  • HDD
  • Monitors
  • Input devices

Then, they compare this information with the games' minimum system requirements. Gamers who have custom-built their PCs can purchase upgraded versions of these vital components from the shop.

Running Updates

Top PC experts make sure that the gaming PC has the best graphics card, updated with the newest drivers. GPUs serve a crucial role in providing lag-free gaming experiences. Outdated graphics cards are the leading causes of poor gaming PC performances. A trip to a high-quality PC shop will help gamers because the experts in these stores -

  • Recommend graphics card optimization settings based on years of accumulated information. These experts work with different types of GPUs for varying hardware configurations. After a quick assessment, they can recommend the latest and the most cost-efficient graphics card updates.
  • PC experts install the latest graphics card drivers that boost the performances of much older games. After the update, gamers will feel as if they're playing a new game.
  • They optimize the graphics card frame rate, which massively improves gaming performances.
  • They run plenty of third-party applications that allow enable them to customize important graphics card settings. They also add performance-boosting drivers to the GPU.

Use The Best In-Game Settings

Many gamers don't know that making small tweaks to in-game settings can vastly improve their gaming experiences. For instance, disabling special effects such as the 'texture quality' of the game can boost FPS. Similarly, a small reduction in the PC screen's resolution can boost the game's FPS.

Gaming PC experts deal with slow or malware-infested gaming PCs on a day to day basis. They have the software tools to run these assessments and launch these hardware and software improvements within hours.