Asus ROG Strix X670E-F Gaming Wifi Review – Specs and Price

We are living in a world full of technology. Everything around us is technology dependent. Computers have made our life so easy that now almost we all are relying on technology. Even for entertainment, people all around the world play video games to spend time. Video gaming has now become a hobby for almost all of us. That increased the number of games all around the world, and that is the reason that the gaming industry has taken the world by storm.

As the number of gamers is increasing around the world, professionals are upgrading gaming laptops' performance. For gaming, special motherboards are designed to have extraordinary parallel computing power. And we have different processors that are specially designed for the purpose of gaming. Professionals are designing different GPUs to make games more realistic and vibrant. We have different GPUs available in the market with great performance that can run all the modern games without any bottlenecks. For example, we have RTX 4070, RTX 3080, RTX 4090, and RTX 4080. There are a variety of laptops available at various pricing points. The starting pricing for the RTX 3080 is $699. The RTX 4090 in Dubai is available for $1599. The price range for the RTX 4080 in UAE is $899 to $1199. ASUS ROG Strix X670E-F Gaming WIFI6E with AMD Socket AM5(LGA 1718) for AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Desktop Processors is available at a price of $439.99.

Over three generations, AMD Ryzen™processors has been praised by gamers, professionals, and creators alike for their performance in tasks that require extraordinary parallel computing power. It is Packed with cores, and these chips excel at tasks like heavy multitasking, 3D modeling, video rendering, or live streaming game sessions on Twitch. ASUS has released an X670E-F motherboard that will utilize the full potential of these new chips. This motherboard lineup has something for everyone; it offers uncompromising performance and style. The ProArt X670E-F wifi serves with its professional style and provides powerful performance for the gaming industry that gamers usually crave. ASUS ROG Strix X670E-F is a gaming motherboard with high-performance networking and optimized thermal design with heatsinks and has an integrated aluminum I/O cover. It has overclocking technologies with Dynamic OC Switcher, Ryzen Core Flex, Asynchronous Clock, and PBO Enhancement for exclusive temperature control.

In this article, we are going to review ASUS ROG Strix X670E-F gaming wifi. Let's discuss some technical specifications of ASUS RoG Strix X670E-F. 


ASUS ROG Strix X670E-F has AMD Socket AM5 for AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series Desktop Processor. AMD Ryzen 7000 Series CPUs fit into the brand-new AM5 socket and are produced using cutting-edge 5-nanometer technology.

Back panel I/O ports

ASUS ROG Strix X670E-F has1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 port (1 x Type-C) and is a multi-lane operation which is for new devices that supports up to two lanes of 10 Gbps operation for a maximum theoretical 20 Gbps data transfer rate. It has nine USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports (7 x Type-A, 2 X USB Type-C) and two USB 2.0 ports. It has one DisplayPort and 1 HDMIport. For sending and receiving data using wifi, it has one wifi Module and has 1 x Intel® 2.5Gb Ethernet port that is used to support speeds between 1GB and 10GGB.

 For audio, it has 5 x Gold-plated audio jacks, which have extreme resistance to oxidation and corrosion. It also has 1 x Optical S/PDIF out port, 1 x BIOS FlashBack button, and 1 x Clear CMOS button.


The chipset integrated into ASUS ROG Strix X670E-F is AMD X670 which relays gaming communication between storage and expansion devices.


It has 1 x DisplayPort, which supports [email protected] at max, and 1 x HDMI port, which supports [email protected] at maximum.


 DIMM is a module with one or more RAM chips mounted on a tiny circuit board with pins connecting it to the computer's motherboard. ASUS ROG Strix X670E-F has 4 x DIMM, Max. 128GB.

Expansion Slots

In ASUS ROG Strix X670E-F, AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series Desktop Processors, there are

 1 x PCIe 5.0 x16 slots which means it supports 16 modes. For AMD X670 Chipset, there are

 1 x PCIe 4.0 x16 slot (supports x4 mode) and 1 x PCIe 3.0 x1 slot.

Special Features

Extreme Engine Digi+

5K Black Metallic Capacitors are integrated to resist extreme temperatures.

ASUS Q-Design

It has.2 Q-Latch and an eject mechanism with PCIe Slot Q-Release. It uses Q-DIMM for easier access while swapping the memory. 

ASUS Thermal Solution

ASUS X670E-F uses M.2 heatsinks, M.2 heatsink backplate, and VRM heatsink design to remove heat from components to improve their performance.

Operating System

Windows 10 (64-bit) and Windows 11 (64-bit) are used in this motherboard.

Ending Note

For creating a Gaming PC with the most advanced technologies, the ASUS ROG STRIX X670E-F GAMING WIFI motherboard is the best choice. It has an optimized heating system with heatsinks that also improves the performance of the components attached to it.