AMD 7950x in Dubai

AMD Ryzen 7950x in Dubai is one of the most fast-paced and high-end functioning desktop processors in the Raphael series. The AMD Ryzan 7950x offers 16 cores which are based on Zen 4 architecture which supports hyperthreading – 32 threads. With the cores clocking from 4.5 bases up to 5.7 GHz – the 7950X stands as the second fastest Ryzen at launch. 

Before we talk more about the iconic AMD Ryzen 7950x in Dubai, let’s first see; 

What is AMD Ryzen?

Ryzen comes as the very well-known brand name of AMD’s fastest and latest family of computer processors. AMD’s were first launched in 2017, and the Ryzen APUs and CPUs are now being built on the massively evolved Zen micro-architecture – which also stands as the 8th gen of AMD processors. Not only that, the Ryzen by AMD is also the company’s first massive processor innovation since its FX/A6 series which came to the market some five years ago. 

AMD Ryzen

The Ryzen which is pronounced as RYE zen is AMD’s CPU which is aimed at the desktop, server, workstation, media center PC, and all-in-one markets. 

The AMD Ryzen base models now feature eight cores with 16-thread processing at a 3.4Ghz along with a 20MB cache – neutral net base prediction hardware, in addition to smart prefetch.  

Shared sockets also make it a bit easier for upgrades from base APUs to the discrete graphics cards in addition to FX CPUs for the upgrades for an entry level start. What is more exciting are the claims of machine learning for predicting instructions, and making the CPU capable enough for learning how to execute programs faster. 

Ryzen Processors – An Overview

Are these any better? Well with Ryzen, AMD stepped back into the all-known “processor wars” and that too with a bang. 

The long-withstanding and praised for the integrated graphics functionality and their lower costs, the AMD processors had gone through a lower benchmark performance test compared to Intel’s latest chips. However, with Ryzen, AMD came back with adding more cores that made even base Ryzen chips quad-core and AMD also expanded on its mid-range offerings to up to six cores/12 threads. All of that while also introducing the SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading) technology for pushing more operations via each core. 

The experts of the industry soon stamped AMD’s claims on Ryzen, admitting that the new chips are equal or somewhat better to those which are offered by other brands including Intel – in many of the performance categories. 

AMD Ryzen and Gaming

The computer game players might have been the target audience for Ryzen, most importantly given AMD's long standing reputation of producing superior graphics. For gameplay the Ryzen along with its boosted per-core performance in addition to its new overclocking features outshines all the previous AMD processors by a long shot. 

Thus for most players, most importantly those who do not assemble their own rigs, the Ryzen PC is a best choice that can even save you money. 

The Bottom Line;

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the iconic AMD 7950x in Dubai;


  1. Brilliant performance
  2. 16 full power core along with 32 processing threads support 
  3. Very well priced considering the core count 
  4. Comes with a basic integrated graphics solution 


  1. The processor is however power-hungry
  2. Can Run hot 

How does AMD 7950x compare?

The performance factor of AMD R9 7950x is clearly much better compared to the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995wx in UAE and the old Ryzen 9 5950x all thanks to the superior architecture and the modern 5nm process. 

When compared to Raptor Lake Core i9-13900K from Intel, the single core performance comes slightly short and the multi-core performance outshines as a bit fast. However the gaming performance is a bit on the lower side. 

Raphael series still comes with a chiplet design with 2 CCD-clusters each with the 8 possible cores in 5nm and IO-die in 6nm. 

The AMD 7950x in Dubai has a TDP of 170 Watt and is proven to be a bit power-hungry in games and applications. 

Does the 7950X have integrated graphics?

Yes, along with the Zen 4 architecture, AMD is adding in an integrated graphics capability to all of its processors. Previously Intel came about offering IGP for quite a few years in their own processors while AMD did not. This gave Intel an advantage mostly for the office PCs that were not built to see any type of gaming. 

Ending Note

Ryzen 7950x in Dubai targets both professional game streamers and the enthusiast game players along with overclockers. It is a traditional multi-core processor and 16 of its CPU cores can be considered its performance cores. 

Also, with this generation of chipsets AMD is essentially making integrated graphics a standard, so even businesses and scientific/academic customers who require the competing muscle with the graphics cards can go for Ryzen 7000 series.