NETGEAR AC785-100EUS Aircard WiFi Mobile Broadband Hotspot | AC785

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  • Super-fast 4G LTE and 3G speeds anywhere
  • Unlocked to networks worldwide
  • Share connection with up to 15 Wi-Fi devices
  • Up to 10 hours battery life

NETGEAR AC785-100EUS Mobile Hotspot in UAE, Dubai's #1 Direct Dealer.

NETGEAR AC785-100EUS Mobile Hotspot in UAE, Safe Shopping Multiple Payment Options Express Delivery GCC Gamers Moneyback Guarantee One Year Warranty Authorized Dealer

Get anytime, anywhere access to fast 4G LTE speeds. With up to 10 hours of battery life and the ability to connect up to 15 devices, you can access email, news, friends or whatever matters most. Unlocked, so you can choose your preferred service provider.

Study on your schedule

If you are continuing your studies while you work, you need the ability to access online schedules, assignments and material from wherever you are.

Hit the road with Wi-Fi

Enjoy the spontaneity of retired life knowing your Wi-Fi is just as flexible as your schedule. With a mobile hotspot, your Wi-Fi goes wherever you go and lets you instantly connect your tablet, laptop or other Wi-Fi device to video call your family or look up points of interest as you tour the country.

Connect with your customers 24/7

Often out visiting clients? Bring Wi-Fi with you to access online tools or make use of downtime in between meetings. Having Wi-Fi all the time can help you stay productive even when you’re not in the office.

Wi-Fi that goes with you on holiday

Keep the family entertained while at the cottage or on a road trip. Bring Wi-Fi with you so your family can stream videos, look up directions or even check Facebook status updates even in the car.