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ViewSonic 100-inches BrilliantColor Diffuser High Ambient Light Panel - Black | BCP100

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  • 100" screen with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Designed for projectors with 0.3 throw ratio or less
  • Diffuses unwanted ambient light
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Easy to assemble and install

The ViewSonic BrilliantColorPanel™ BCP100 is the ideal screen for ViewSonic’s LS Series Laser Projectors. With a 100" screen size and 16:9 aspect ratio, the BCP100 is designed to deliver larger than life, high quality images. By diffusing high ambient light, this BrilliantColorPanel™ enhances contrast and helps to eliminate washed out images, making it the perfect screen for home theaters, businesses, classrooms, and public displays. With a simplistic design, the BCP100 can be quickly and easily assembled and mounted with specialized hardware frames. 

The Most Innovative Display in the Market

Complementing ViewSonic's Laser Projectors for enhanced color brilliance, the premium projector screen drastically redefines the previous, accepted definition of image quality. Catch the attention of your neighbors at home or increase the perceived value of your business.

Freedom to Display Anywhere!

The BrilliantColorPanel™ is specifically engineered for bright environments. Powered by innovative panel technology, the ranged surface can prevent up to 90% of environmental ambient light, while completely reflecting the projected colors. With easy setup, people can deploy the BrilliantColorPanel™ wherever they want.

A Spectacular Visual Sensation!

Immerse yourself in the moment with a massive 100" screen. The screen outputs at a 16:9 aspect ratio, perfectly broadcasting 1080P images. Compared to a large HDTV, the price of the BrilliantColorPanel™ costs much less and is a greater overall value for your long-term use.

Displays Immersive Imagery!

Eliminates washed out images and slim frames. The BrilliantColorPanel™ presents you with a vibrant, life-like experience with 4-time enhanced contrast, when compared with common projector screens.

More People to Watch

The BrilliantColorPanel™ offers a 160-degree viewing angle, bringing more friends together for sports or movie watching. An expanded viewing angle also gives businesses more flexibility with setup and screen placement, reaching as many customers as possible.

Easy to Ship and Carry

Consisting of a roll-able soft screen and four hardware frames, the rilliantColorPanel™ can be disassembled and fit into a small box that is easy to carry and transport. Businesses no longer need to have professional installers move large bulky screens.

Easy to Install and Hang

With an extremely light weight of 12.5kgs, installers can easily lift and assemble the screen. Disassembling and moving it is also easy, making it more efficient to use when compared to a large HDTV.