Wacom Signature Set DTU-1141B & sign pro PDF USB Pen holder, signature pad Black | DTU-1141B-CH2

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Fast & accurate working – simply connect with the Mac or PC and start

digital painting, drawing, and photos editing

no longer a mouse arm thanks to a light, super-precise pen and the ergonomic attitude

for digital signatures & handwritten notes

Wacom Signature Set DTU-1141B & sign pro PDF USB Pen holder, signature pad Black


Signature Set combines a Wacom pen display with the sign pro PDF electronic signature software to provide a standard paperless workflow solution. Sign pro PDF for Windows is a simple and secure eSignature application that allows you to securely sign and share your PDF document electronically without printing it. sign and scan. It is also an ideal solution for adding handwritten contributions, freehand notes, and sticky notes in electronic form to PDFs.

Optimization of customer workflows through the possibility of secure, self-handed electronic signatures in each PDF document
Easily integrate handwritten electronic signatures into daily business processes
Easy connection to Windows®-based PCs
Capture static and dynamic biometric data of individual signatures to support signature verification for fraud protection
Rapid, easy modernization of signature capture process for immediate efficiency and customer experience ROI features


Interfaces USB 2.0
Features Touchscreen
Colour Black
Transfer type USB
Power supply USB (built-in)
Width 283 mm
Height 210 mm
Depth 11 mm
Weight 800 g
Type Signature Set DTU-1141B & sign pro PDF
Product type Pen holder, signature pad

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