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Wacom DTU1031AX & sign pro PDF - Signature Set | DTU1031AX-CH2

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Operating as a pen-enabled LCD display, its small
footprint and single USB cable enable easy integration
into standard IT infrastructure elements, such as
POS systems.

Wacom DTU1031AX & sign pro PDF - Signature Set 


Optimal user comfort with the 10.1”, 1024 x 600
resolution, color LCD panel that allows easy
document viewing and signing

• Secure transactions enabled by advanced
AES256/RSA2048 encryption

• Unique hardware ID (UID) to identify the
exact unit used for any transaction

• Minimal installation clutter with a single USB
cable that supplies power and data, minimizing
clutter at the counter or point-of-sale

• Highly accurate signatures and writing with the
patented Wacom cordless and battery-free pen,
featuring 512 levels of pressure sensitivity

• Flexible working position via a slim profile that
allows the device to be used flat on the counter,
or at an angle with the integrated stand. VESA
mounting holes allow for mounting options or the
use of third-party arms and stands

• Kensington® Security Slot to secure the
unit when needed

• Outstanding durability via the scratch-resistant
hardened cover glass that provides easier
viewing in different lighting conditions