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HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite VR Full Kit Gaming VR Headset | 99HART001-00

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Enter a new dimension of PC gaming with the VIVE Cosmos Elite VR Headset from HTC. This headset is your portal to experiencing virtual reality in the comfort of your home.

HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite VR Full Kit Gaming VR Headset | 99HART001-00


Flip-Up Design
The front of the headset can be flipped up to easily transition between the virtual world and the real world without having to take off the entire headset.

Precision Tracking
SteamVR tracking within the headset and external VIVE Base Station sensor tracking combine to detect all angles of movement, even behind your head. Whether you're wielding a laser rifle, commanding a starship, or climbing a cliff face; it's fine-detail tracking like this that helps dial up the realism in VR. This system is capable of supporting seated, standing, and room-scale experiences up to 160 ft² (an area approximately 11.5 x 11.5" square).

Intuitive Controllers
The two wireless VIVE controllers are how you interact with everything from virtual displays and interfaces, to objects and avatars. The VIVE controllers give you a multifunction trackpad, grip buttons, dual-stage triggers, a system button, and a menu button for complete control within VR. When not in use, you can easily recharge them with the included micro-USB cables and optional chargers or through your PC.

Integrated Microphone
A microphone is built into the headset so you can chat with others in VR spaces and multiplayer games.

VIVE Reality System
When you start to use the VIVE Cosmos Elite headset, you can begin your journey in Origin, a waypoint within VR. From Origin, you can bring up your lens for information and navigate into a variety of virtual reality apps, experiences, and games, such as
those you can purchase from the VIVEPORT Infinity library.

Easy to Clean
HTC used materials that are easy to clean in order to simplify the upkeep of your headset.