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Intel Celeron J4125 processor
2 GB DDR4 Memory
2.18 kg
Integrated data protection



Synology DiskStation DS423+ 4-Bay NAS Enclosure, Intel Celeron J4125 2.7GHz, 4 3.5"/2.5" Drive Bays, 2x RJ45 Lan Ports, 2x USB 3.2 Ports, Black | DS423+

An all-in-one data management and sharing platform
The 4-bay DS423+ is a capable performer with all the tools you need to secure, share, back up,
and sync your data and media. Built-in solutions available in Synology DiskStation Manager
(DSM) let users create their own private cloud, organize and stream music, video, and photo
collections across all devices, seamlessly collaborate with partners, set up an intuitive surveillance system, and more.

• Centralized Data Storage
Store up to 72 TB of data1 in one place, maintain 100%
data ownership, and enjoy multi-platform access
• Dependable Performance
Up to 226/224 MB/s sequential read/write throughput
supports stable data transfers2
• Built-in Data Management Tools
Leverage built-in file and photo management, data
protection, and surveillance solutions
• Effortless Data Sharing and Syncing
Access, share, and sync your data and media easily
across different operating systems and devices

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere
Securely and conveniently store any type of data with the aid of our
comprehensive and intuitive access and management tools.
• Access from anywhere directly from your browser without configuring
complex port forwarding rules, with Synology QuickConnect
• Browse and manage your files from any browser or through Windows File
Explorer, Finder on Mac, and more.
• Keep your photos and videos organized using Synology Photos’ smart
sorting functions
• Docker support provides access to a wide range of media management
applications available as containers
• Easily incorporate into existing network infrastructure as edge storage
thanks to Windows AD and LDAP support

Share, Sync, and Collaborate
Whether sharing photos and videos with family or working on business
projects with coworkers around the globe, Synology solutions make sharing,
collaboration, and synchronization a breeze.
• Build a private data cloud for easy file management and sharing across all
desktop and mobile devices, and keep data on your Synology systems in
sync with Synology Drive
• Synchronize data from and to popular cloud storage platforms with Synology
Cloud Sync
• Securely share photos and videos with family, friends, or business clients
using Synology Photos
• Keep multiple sites in sync by leveraging the power of C2 cloud servers
with Synology Hybrid Share.3 Reduce local storage and bandwidth usage by
downloading files from the cloud only when needed

Flexible Data Protection Options
Synology DSM comes with host of backup solutions for different scenarios
available at no extra cost.
• Centrally set up and manage backups of Windows endpoints, Linux servers,
VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace with Active Backup
• Leverage real-time and scheduled backups of your PC folders with Synology
Drive to protect data against ransomware attacks or accidental deletion
• Safeguard photos and videos taken on mobile devices with automatic
backups to Synology Drive or Synology Photos
• Efficiently back up your entire Synology NAS or select folders to a wide
variety of destinations using Hyper Backup
• Store backups to C2 Storage,3 a dedicated and secure cloud destination
powered by Synology C2
• Create point-in-time copies of shared folders that can be replicated to other
Synology systems and rapidly restored with Snapshot Replication 

Private Video Surveillance
Synology Surveillance Station transforms any Synology system into a powerful
network video recorder (NVR).
• 8,300+ supported camera models
• ONVIF support for a broader selection of cameras
• Private, subscription-free storage of recordings
• Access through web browsers, desktop clients, and mobile apps
• Event-based rules to trigger specific actions
• Email, SMS, and push notification options
• Simultaneous recording to the cloud with C2 Surveillance for an extra layer of
data protection and more convenient sharing