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QNAP TS-464-8G NAS BOX |TS-464-8G

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Intel Celeron N5095 processor
8GB Memory
1 Year Warraty
3.59 kg


TS-464 is a compact 4-bay NAS with superior performance. Supporting up to 66 TB storage and 4 TB M.2 SSD caching* at an affordable price, the TS-464 fulfills your multitasking challenges for file management, backup, collaboration, and video conversion.

Using four 3.5-inch 22 TB hard drives in RAID 5 and two 2 TB M.2 SSDs. Hard drives and SSD sold separately.

intel-celeron-2021  2.5GbE  hd  hdmi
  • 2.5GbE is a must!

    TS-464 is as fast as a single-port 10GbE NAS with up to 589 MB/s transfer speeds by setting port trunking with the two built-in 2.5GbE (2.5G/1G/100M) ports.

  • Quad-core for multitasking

    Perform additional tasks, stream more media, and have more services running with an Intel® quad-core processor optimized for multitasking.

  • Smooth video conversion

    Built-in GPU for enhanced video conversion, allowing videos to be smoothly streamed from the NAS to mobile devices.

  • Upgrade to dual-port 10GbE

    Futureproof your network connection by installing a PCIe dual-port 10GbE network card that delivers up to 1,647 MB/s transfer speed.

  • Faster USB transfer

    Two USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) ports allow faster backup to/from USB devices.

  • More M.2 NVMe SSDs

    If two M.2 slots aren’t enough, install a QM2 PCIe expansion card for more M.2 SSD slots.

2.5GbE NAS is a must in 2024

With increasing availability on switches, motherboards, and laptops, 2023 is the year of 2.5GbE. The 2.5GbE TS-464 NAS is as fast as a single-port 10GbE NAS. By setting port trunking with the two built-in 2.5GbE (2.5G/1G/100M) ports to unleash network potential and increase fault tolerance, TS-464 delivers up to 589 MB/s transfer speeds.

  • Read

    TS-464 (2 x 2.5GbE)

    589 MB/s


    Other NAS brand (A single-port 10GbE network card needs to be purchased separately.)

    592 MB/s

  • Write

    TS-464 (2 x 2.5GbE)

    589 MB/s


    Other NAS brand (A single-port 10GbE network card needs to be purchased separately.)

    562 MB/s


    New-generation quad-core processor for optimized performance


    • Processor

      Intel® Celeron® N5095 quad-core processor, burst up to 2.9 GHz

    • Memory

      Built-in 8 GB DDR4 memory

    • GPU

      Built-in Intel® UHD Graphics to speed up video processing and graphical computing

    • Encryption Engine

      Features Intel® AES-NI 256 hardware-accelerated encryption to boost system performance while securing sensitive data.


      Upgrade to dual-port 10GbE with a PCIe network card


      With a superior hardware design, you can install a dual-port 10GbE network card QXG-10G2TB in the TS-464. Combining 10GbE networking, quad-core processor, and M.2 SSD caching, the TS-464 unleashes its full performance potential.

      • TS-464 (2 x 10GbE)


        1647 MB/s


        1632 MB/s


        Expand storage capacity up to 16 hard drives


TS-464 supports a storage capacity of up to 66 TB by installing four 3.5-inch 22 TB hard drives in RAID 5. By connecting a TL-D1600S QNAP storage expansion unit, you can add an additional twelve hard drives to the TS-464 to achieve up to 280TB storage space to meet growing storage requirements.

  • Storage capacity up to

    66 TB


    Accelerate AI–powered image recognition and caching with TPU and PCIe expansion

    TS-464 has two M.2 PCIe Gen 3 slots for installing NVMe SSD (including Apacer®, Micron®, Seagate®, WD®, and more) or Edge TPU.



    • Install M.2 NVMe SSDs for cache acceleration or efficient tiered storage

      If you have a huge number of small files requiring read/write operations, you can easily boost IOPS of TS-464 by configuring its two M.2 SSDs as a cache disk.

      When transmitting bigger files, you can create a storage pool with two M.2 SSDs. With Qtier automatically moving hot data to SSD and cold data to hard drives, TS-464 allows you to enjoy exceptional application performance.


      Accelerate AI–powered image recognition with TPU

      By leveraging a Edge TPU to QNAP AI Core (the AI-powered engine for image recognition), the TS-464 can perform high-speed face and object recognition. Edge TPU enables QuMagie to quickly process thousands of photos with high-speed AI Image recognition and classification, and QVR Face to analyze real-time video for instant facial recognition.


      Abundant I/O capabilities with PCIe expansion

      QNAP offers a wide range of expansion cards to add versatile functions to your NAS. The TS-464 has one PCIe Gen 3 x2 slot that supports various expansion cards for expanding application potential.

      • QM2 card


        Add a 10GbE port and two M.2 SSD slots at the same time.


        • QM2 card


          Add two M.2 SSDs to create a storage pool with larger capacity caching with the built in M.2 SSDs.


          Wi-Fi 6 adapter

          Install a Wi-Fi 6 adapter to turn the TS-464 into a Wi-Fi NAS, allowing accessing NAS data via wireless network.

          One Touch Copy backup with USB 3.2 Gen 2

          TS-464 provides two 10Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports for faster file transfer to/from USB 3.2 Gen 2 devices. The One Touch Copy button also allows you to back up the contents of USB devices to the TS-464 with a single button press.


          Smoother mobile experience with GPU

          Taking a lot of photos with your smartphone? Qfile mobile app will help you free up space by automatically backing up photos to the TS-464. With Intel® UHD Graphics, the TS-464 greatly speeds up converting videos to 1080p / 720p, allowing for smooth streaming to mobile devices over varying mobile network speeds.


          Use your NAS like a PC

          QNAP’s exclusive Virtualization Station enables running multiple Windows®/Linux® virtual machines. By connecting a keyboard, mouse, and HDMI™ monitor, you can easily use the TS-464 as a PC.


          QTS 5, Fast, smooth, and easy-to-use!

          The TS-464 comes with the QTS 5 operating system as standard, providing a next-generation usage experience with an updated system kernel, optimized user interface, and advanced security features.