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Cyber Clean Pet Hair and Lint Roller, Rollcare Jumbo

AED 52.50
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  • Washable, Reusable
  • Gently glide the lint roller over the surface you want to clean.
  • The sticky roll picks up lint, loose hair as well as dirt and dust particles.
  • The roll is easy to clean with water and can be reused repeatedly.
  • Simply press the side buttons to clip out the roll and rinse with water for a few seconds to wash off the dirt

Cyber Clean Roll Care is a versatile lint removal solution for all surfaces at home and while travelling. The Lint roller is washable, reusable, and ideal to pick up lint, dust, pet hair, loose particles and dirt on fabrics, textiles, and upholstery. Due to its special silver ion coating, the lint roller has disinfecting properties and the protective cap ensures a long and efficient product life.