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XIGMATEK CUBI Arctic ATX RGB Tower Gaming Case - White| EN41983

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  • E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, ITX
  • Supports 180mm CPU cooler
  • Expansion slots: 7 slots
  • 428 x 310 x 473 mm

XIGMATEK CUBI Arctic ATX RGB Tower Gaming Case - White| EN41976

In the world of computer case watches the combination of modern design and effective cooling is not only an important factor but also a unique point that attracts the attention of gamers and teams. use the computer. The Case XIGMATEK ALPHA - CUBI ARCTIC (EN41976) - PREMIUM GAMING ATX, with its class and sophistication, has surpassed all users' expectations.

Luxurious Premium Gaming ATX design

XIGMATEK ALPHA - CUBI ARTIC Case (EN41976)  is built with Premium Gaming ATX in mind, providing ample space and flexibility for installing top gaming components. This design optimizes internal airflow, keeping the system cool and stable even during periods of heavy use.

Efficient drive support

Case  XIGMATEK ALPHA - CUBI ARTIC (EN41976) is designed with the ability to support diverse storage components, meeting all user needs. With flexible drive capacity, you can freely choose storage devices that suit your needs.

With 2 slots supporting 2.5-inch SSD drives, you can easily install SSD drives to optimize data access and system boot speed. This not only enhances performance but also saves space.

In addition, with the ability to support two 3.5-inch HDD drives, you have enough space to store large amounts of data, from games to multimedia files. This makes the case an ideal place to build a powerful multitasking system without having to worry about storage space.

Supports large CPU heatsink

With the ability to support CPU coolers up to 180mm, Case XIGMATEK ALPHA - CUBI ARTIC (EN41976) gives users flexibility and diverse options when choosing a cooler for their system. This opens up many opportunities to integrate high-performance heatsinks and efficient cooling without worrying about size constraints.

Large CPU heatsink support also helps ensure that users can choose the right cooling solution for their needs, especially when building systems that require powerful cooling capabilities, such as In the case of gaming computers, gaming requires CPU power.

Motherboard support

With the ability to support a variety of Mainboard types, including E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and ITX, the XIGMATEK ALPHA - CUBI ARTIC (EN41976) Case provides flexibility for users to choose and integrate different motherboards. This capability not only helps users take advantage of the special features of each type of motherboard, but also creates a diverse platform for building systems according to their specific needs.

For users who want to build a powerful gaming system with E-ATX motherboards that support multiple expansion cards and connections, or those who want to build a compact system with ITX boards, this case meets both requirements.

large and small expansion slots

With 7 expansion slots, Case XIGMATEK ALPHA - CUBI ARTIC (EN41976) provides enough space for installing expansion cards such as GPU, sound card, network card, and other expansion cards. This number of slots creates a flexible playing field for users looking to take full advantage of their system's expansion potential.

This makes the Case an ideal platform for gaming systems that require powerful graphics, or professional projects that require expansion and diverse connectivity. The variety of expansion slots also provides comfort and flexibility when users decide to upgrade or change the components they are using in the system.