Primochill Sys Prep Cooling Loop Pre-Treat - 15ml Bottle | PC-SPREP

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  • Non-Abrasive System Flush Additive
  • Efficient low concentrate additive: gentle on all loop components
  • Formulated to provide complete loop pre-treatment
  • Safe on all plastics, metals, rubbers, and miscellaneous gasket materials.
  • Environmentally responsible. Safe non toxic product.
  • Each Bottle Label has batch date to insure freshness.
  • 2 year shelf life (unopened in original Black Out Bottle)

PrimoChill takes great pride in providing solutions. This ground breaking solution has been lingering in the shadows for a chance to join the PrimoChill fluid family and now its day has come. Primochill Sys Prep was created to address the immense customer requests for a clean and well maintained cooling system. Any successful venture into water-cooling starts with a true cooling loop preparation which can only be achieved by using Sys Prep. It will flush your loop and its components of any debris left by the manufacturing processes of your reservoir, block, pump, or radiator, leaving your water cooling loop clean, clear, pristine and ready for any type of coolant. Let Primochill Sys Prep take the confusion out of what is causing the filth and let it flush and prep your next cooling loop.
Over the last decade, PrimoChill has strived to provide the water-cooing community quality products that inspire our customers. Get clean and protect your investment with PrimoChill Sys Prep.

Storage is recommend in a dark, cool room not to exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit  PrimoChill is not responsible for any damage caused by or when using this product, please use at your own risk.

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