Mayhems UV White Tubing (3/8 - 5/8) 10/16mm Tubing | MWT10/16/30

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*Note: A cleaning flush is advisable to remove any possible contaminates before use*

Mayhems UV White Tubing is extremely versatile with new ’Polymer Additives’ that do not leach plasticizers into the system. The chemical makeup of this new coloured tubing has never been used before and is a brand new concept by Mayhems Solutions Limited, and is fully REACH complaint. Mayhems opaque tubing has been tested in systems reaching temperatures of up to 90c, and liquid heat internal temperatures of 65c+. The UV white tubing has extreme flexibility and can easily take heat loads way beyond other brands, and keep its elasticity. Mayhems opaque tubing has an excellent bend radius suited to liquid cooling systems.

Mayhems coloured tubing will also partially acts as a catcher by absorbing soluble residue stopping it reaching and fouling the system. This is a very unique feature, and will aid in prolonging the liquid of the coolant within the system and also the life of the PC liquid cooling parts.

This tubing is developed, produced and made in Britain, entirely utilising British manufacturing techniques and knowledge.

Tubing is sold by the foot