Mayhems Concentrate Pastel UV 250 ml - Green | MPUVG250ML

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  • Child Safety Cap
  • Removable spout
  • 8c freezing point
  • Boiling Point : up to 95° C (pressure dependent)
  • Made in the UK

Add 750mls of Purified water to 250ml of concentrate to make 1 Ltr of liquid

Mayhems Pastel range of coolants have been in development for over two years, with co-operation between Ice Dragon Cooling and Mayhems. This new range of liquids surpasses anything in the market place at the moment in time, with its outstanding colours and cooling power.

Mayhems new pastel range incorporates many differing technologies into one product, from dyes to nano fluids and of course a little Mayhems magic. With a system working life of about two years, of which is due to a design that is intended for prolonged use.