Lian Li A4H2O Black Mini ITX Gaming Case | G99.A4H2OX4.00

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The A4-H2O is an 11-liter small form factor case, a collaboration project with DAN Cases. Based on the original DAN A4-SFX case sandwich layout concept, the A4-H2O continues the minimalist and compact form factor with improved hardware compatibility (including AIO water cooling) and simplifies installation.

Lian Li A4H2O Black Mini ITX Gaming Case | G99.A4H2OX4.00


11-Liter Form Factor
At only 11 liters, the A4-H2O is one of the smallest cases on the market that supports triple-slot GPU and clearance for 240 AIO water cooling.

The A4-H20 is smaller in size than most consoles, and the minimalist design suits any living space or any entertainment center to enjoy games or movies.

Minimalist Design – Black or Silver
A minimalist design, the A4-H2O has premium aluminum exterior with ventilation from almost most sides. The A4-H2O is available in black or silver.

Sandwich Layout Design
The sandwich layout allows for a triple-slot GPU to fit into the compact size case. Matched with a PCIe Gen. 3 or Gen. 4 riser cable, the GPU is located behind the motherboard and leaves room for a 240mm radiator at the top of the case. Bottom, side, and top mesh panels ensure that the components get cooled directly with fresh air intake.

Supports SFX, SFX-L Power Supply
A removable mounting bracket is designed to support SFX and SFX-L power supplies. A power cord extension is also included and pre-routed to avoid interfering with other hardware.