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GAMDIAS ASTRAPE P1-750G RGB 80 Plus Gold Certified Power Supply | ASTRAPE P1-750G

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  • 80 PLUS® Gold Certified up to 90% Efficiency
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • 100% Japanese Capacitors
  • Fully Modular & Flat Cables
  • One Touch to Easily Switch 26 Lighting Effects Including White Light, Neon-Flex RGB, Multi-color, and LED off
  • 135mm FDB silent fan
  • Multi-GPU ready:Support nVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire
  • DC to DC design for steady voltage output and powerful single +12V rail
  • Multi-GPU ready:Support nVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire
  • Support ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92, ERP 2013 Lot6
  • Complete protections: OVP, UVP, OPP, OCP, SCP, SP, ICP
  • Face-up Placement for Better Cooling
  • Silent mode

ASTRAPE P1-750W combines the Neon-Flex RGB with outstanding electrical performance. The design of side ventilation making lighting more visible distinguishes ASTRAPE P1 from other power supplies. Built with 80 Plus Gold efficiency, it delivers steady power output and ensures the impeccable quality for professional gamers.

Extraordinary Efficiency

With less heat converted by the remaining power, ASTRAPE P1-750W comes with 80 PLUS Gold certification and ensures up to 90% energy efficiency. Accordingly, it won’t waste power and trigger excess heat. The less the heat output generates, the less noise arises.

Visual Adventure

ASTRAPE P1-750W equipped with Neon-Flex RGB offers gamers the unparalleled lightings to create their glory. By pressing one button, the lighting can be easily switched among 26 effects including RGB, Multi-color, and LED off.

Best-in-class Quality

ASTRAPE P1-750W is built with the highest quality in the pursuit of perfection. Coming with 10-year warranty, it is fully guaranteed for its solid power delivery.

Carry Performance

ASTRAPE P1-750W is designed for incredibly reliable and durable performance with 100% Japanese capacitors. The stable electricity supply carries an excellent durability.

Ultimate Aesthetics and Airflow

Utilizing the fully modular, ASTRAPE P1-750W allows you have a clean-looking system without the messy cables. You can attach the flat cables only when you need and keep the airflow and cable management to a maximum.

Winning Both Visual and Cooling at the Same Time!

ASTRAPE P1-750W provides you with an additional choice to place the fan in a face-up way. Not merely can you easily access the fascinating lighting effects, but the improved ventilation allows your PC to have more efficient heat dissipation.

As Quiet as a Mouse

ASTRAPE P1-750W is built with the Silent Mode to offer an incredible performance in ultimate silence. By switching on the Silent Mode, the fan speed will automatically optimize according to its temperature. Thus, the level of noise triggered by the operation will be strikingly decreased. When the Silent Mode is switched off, the power supply will achieve maximum heat dissipation at full speed.