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EKWB EK-Quantum Surface S240 Dual Fan Radiator - Black | 3831109838174

AED 345.00
In stock
  • High-grade 99.9% copper fins
  • Brass H62 end tank chambers
  • Stainless Steel side plates
  • Port threads: 2x G1/4"
  • Brass nickel-plated
  • Copper H90 tubing

EKWB EK-Quantum Surface S240 Dual Fan Radiator - Black | 3831109838174


New and Improved
The EK-Quantum Surface S series radiator maximizes performance by utilizing a new radiator core. When comparing core to core performance, the Surface S radiator performs up to 20% better than its predecessor, the CoolStream SE, due to its enhanced fin structure and optimized core. 

M4 Screws – Standardized, Easy to Find 
Hard-wearing black M4 Philips round-headed screws are supplied for ease of use. In general use case scenarios, EK strongly suggests using only the included screws to avoid damage to the radiator itself. However, M4 screw compatibility allows the users to source longer screws if necessary. The cooling core is designed to cause no detrimental damage to the structural integrity of the radiator core even if the customer uses longer screws accidentally, as they will collide only with the fins. 

Easy Disassembly – DIY Modding Dream 
The EK-Quantum Surface range was designed and executed as a modular product range rather than individually sized radiators. Such a design achieves immaculate fitment and continuity in appearance while at the same time making the disassembly process very easy and straightforward. Catering to the DIY modding community is something EK has always been supporting, so painting and modifying your Surface radiator will be a breeze.

Loop Friendly – Don't Worry About Your Pump 
The internal structure design of the radiators was executed with low flow restriction in mind, providing no unnecessary stress on the rest of the cooling loop. This means you will be able to add multiple radiators to your cooling loop using only a single pump (D5 or DDC). The radiators are also airflow-friendly and low-restriction, allowing lower fan speed operation to achieve the same performance. Low airflow restriction keeps the case well ventilated and allows other radiators in the case to breathe properly.   

EK-Matrix7 Compatible – For the Cleanest Tube Runs 
Since any custom liquid-cooling loop is built from multiple EK products, the most valuable distinction in aesthetics and ease of use comes from the sum of all the parts. To address this, EK initiated Matrix7, a system that standardizes products’ dimensions, as well as port position and spacing. In so doing, we are making the liquid cooling loop assembly more intuitive and having a clean set of parallel tubing runs easier than ever before. 

All EK-Quantum Surface radiators are EK-Matrix7 compatible, which means they effortlessly integrate with Reflection², the second generation of Quantum distro plates. This enables the user to easily swap and upgrade between S, P, and X series Surface radiators within the same case (provided the case supports thicker radiators in the same position). 

EK-Quantum Surface S Radiator Wins TechPowerUp’s “Editor’s Choice” Award
The EK-Quantum Surface S Radiators won the “Editor’s Choice” Award by TechPowerUp. They speak highly of this product, and some of the benefits they pointed out include: good value for the cost, increased case compatibility, excellent thermal performance for the form factor, low coolant flow restriction, two color options to choose from, mod-friendly with replacement cover plates coming, and so on. “I’ll happily recommend the EK-Quantum Surface S,” says the reviewer, “and am excited to check out the rest of the EK-Quantum Surface radiator series!”