Alphacool Silver Grease 0.5g | AC-12715

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  • Thermal Compound
  • Thermal conductivity: 1.7 W/mk
  • Material: Silicone and silver particles
  • Color: Grey
  • Content: 0.5g

Alphacool's entry into the thermal compound market: Alphacool Silver Grease! Everyone needs thermal compound when assembling or working on a system. Of course only the best should be used for the finished system, but the cost of the thermal compound also needs to be considered. Especially when using expensive thermal compounds, things can get rather expensive when just testing a few different set-ups. This is where the new Alphacool Silver Grease is the ideal alternative: For some this is an affordable stock of thermal compound, for others this is the source for new ideas where expensive thermal compound is no longer an obstacle. Shipped in a 0.5g syringe and at this price this is the perfect item to always have a few of at home! The silicone-based thermal compound also contains silver particles, ensuring good thermal transfer whilst not being electrically conductive.


Technical specifications:
Content: 0,5g
Material: Silver particles, silicone
Colour: Grey

electrically con-conductive
bo separation of the contents
Suitable for high contact pressures

Conforms with RoHS regulations

Extent of delivery:
1x Syringe


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