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Wacom Pen for Bamboo (option) | EP-150E-0K-01

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  • It lets you to comfortably control up to four functions (including zoom, scroll, brush size and canvas rotation) in each of your software applications.
  • All 16 ExpressKeys are customizable, giving you handy access to application-specific keyboard shortcuts and modifiers.
  • Two rear-mounted, finger-sensitive Touch Strips, along with two Touch Strip Toggle buttons speed your workflow
  • The Show Settings key displays your current key settings on-screen.
  • This pen is pressure-sensitive and has a rocker-switch and an eraser. Only suitable for first generation Bamboo tablets i.e. CTF-430, MTE-450, CTE-450, CTE-650

Bamboo Pen offers a wide range of inspiring choices for personalizing everything you do on your computer. Take advantage of the quick, clear way to show people what you mean. All is with a stroke of a pen. With its ultra-slim design, Bamboo Pen has been specially created for both right and left-handed use - and it provides an integrated pen holder for convenient storage of its lightweight digital pen. But it's not the technology that counts - it's what you can do with it. Add your own distinctive personality to anything you do - with handwritten notes, sketches or doodles in emails, letters, pictures, presentations or other documents. Edit thoughts directly in documents. Enjoy fascinating ways of writing, painting and creating.