Wacom Intuos3 Airbrush (Option) | ZP-400E

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  • Pressure-sensitive pen tip
  • fingerwheel
  • side switch
  • eraser
  • Tool ID

Wacom Intuos3 Airbrush (Option)


The Wacom Digital Airbrush Pen for the Intuos3 Series and the older generation Cintiq21UX Tablet provides users with the feel of a traditional airbrush while using a digital tablet. This is particularly useful for artists transitioning from traditional Airbrush work to a digital work process. This cordless, battery-free, Digital Airbrush features a top-mounted fingerwheel, pressure-sensitive tip and eraser, and one programmable button.

This stylus will work on the Intuos3, the older generation Cintiq 21UX (mfr# DTZ2100), Cintiq 20WSX, and Cintiq 12WX tablets only. It will not work on the Intuos4 or the newer generation Cintiq 21UX (mfr# DTK2100).

  • Without cable and battery
  • Weight 24 g
  • Pressure Sensitivity 1024 steps
  • Inclination angle +/- 60 °
  • Activation pressure of pen tip 30 g - 400 g
  • Finger wheel with 1024 steps
  • Perfect simulation of the spray distance, the application of paint and the angle of inclination