Wacom Intuos 4 Art Pen Nib Set - Pack of 10 | ACK-20006

In stock
  • Nib set for Intuos4 art Pen
  • Pack of 10
  • Comes with 3x standard plastic
  • Comes with 3x standard felt

Wacom Intuos 4 Art Pen Nib Set - Pack of 10


The Intuos Art Pen Nib Set from Wacom includes five chisel-shaped felt nibs as well as 5 standard Art Pen nibs. These nibs are compatible with Intuos 4 and Intuos 5 Art Pens. The standard Art Pen nibs are for replacing the original nib on your Intuos Art Pen when it eventually wears down. The chisel-shaped felt nib allows for a unique calligraphic effect because of a square edge.

Brand name Wacom
Item model number ACK-20006
Product Dimensions 1,300 x 800 x 10 cm
Item Weight 9.07 g

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