Wacom Bamboo Tip Stylus for Apple iOS and Android touchscreen devices | CS-710B

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  • Fine-tip stylus to quickly Note down your thoughts and ideas on your smartphone or tablet
  • Because you can see exactly where the stylus' fine tip touches the screen, Bamboo tip gives you confidence your notes, lists and ideas will be captured
  • Simply turn on Bamboo tip and use it – No pairing needed. It works with your favorite apps on iOS and a broad range of Android devices
  • Rely on 20 hours of continuous use, then easily recharge your Bamboo tip via USB. The long-lasting tip is Easy to replace -- so you can capture as many ideas as your mind can create
  • Recommended free app: Bamboo paper turns your mobile Device into a paper notebook. Effortlessly sync your Bamboo paper and smart pad content between different devices

Bamboo Tip – fine-tip stylus for capturing ideas on iPhone, iPad and Android devices

A thought springs to mind and you want to instantly capture it? With Bamboo Tip you can. Just power up and start writing on your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy quick note taking and ideating with a fine tip that gives you fidelity when taking notes on the fly, making lists and drafting concepts on your touchscreen.

Take notes with your favorite apps or the free Bamboo Paper app – with pen-like simplicity.

A fine tip for even finer ideas

With the 1.9 mm thin tip, you can see exactly where the stylus touches the screen. So you focus on your ideas, confident they are captured exactly as you want.

No pairing needed: Just power up and start writing

Simply turn on Bamboo Tip and use it with your favorite apps.

Bamboo Tip is convenient, easy to use and ready for service at anytime. You don’t need to pair it with your device or apps.

Ergonomic, long-lasting functionality

Bamboo Tip is designed to be comfortable to use and durable. Enjoy 20 hours of continuous use, then quickly recharge your Bamboo Tip via USB. And should the fine tip wear out one day, you can easily replace it.

Works on many touch devices

Bamboo Tip is compatible with iOS and a broad range of Android devices. Just flick a small switch to optimize its performance for your device.

Turn your mobile device into a paper notebook

Take notes and do visual ideation, simply and conveniently with the free Bamboo Paper app. Capture your thoughts and ideas, notes, sketches and drawings as straightforward and easy as with a real pen and paper.