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Logitech K740 Slim Design and Backlit Keys Illuminated Keyboard - Black | 920-005696

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  • Laser-etched backlit keys
  • USB connectivity
  • Ultra-thin keyboard profile
  • Soft-touch palm rest
  • Manual brightness adjustment
  • Elegantly designed keyboard
  • Full-size layout

Comfortable typing experience day and night thanks to Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K740. Backlight ensures that each key is sharp, clear and easy to read. The backlight can even manually adjust the lighting conditions in the room. The keyboard has a soft wrist rest, standard key layout and keyboard Logitech Perfect Stroke system that makes typing comfortable, smooth and very quiet. It is also remarkably thin just 9.3 mm from frame to keys which will make it your work area clean and uncluttered. With its unique comfort and modern style, this is a slim keyboard ideal combination of function and style.

Laser-etched backlit keys

Type easily in low light and even in the dark. Back lighting ensures the keys are sharp, bright and easy to read. Only the key characters are illuminated, so you see just what you need to see without distraction.

Manual brightness adjustment

You can manually adjust the intensity of the illumination using the brightness key located in the top right corner of the keyboard. There are three different brightness levels and it is also possible to disable the illumination if needed.

USB connectivity

To use the keyboard, simply plug in the USB cable and start typing. The cable is approximately 1.8m (6 ft) long—enough to reach your desktop if it is underneath your desk, or on top of it.

Elegantly designed

The keyboard is classic black with a touch of orange to identify the FN functions. A clear transparent strip borders the left, top and right edges and a complementary strip of glossy black separates the keys and the palm rest. Embedded in the glossy black strip, to the right of the keyboard, you will find the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll lock LEDs.Together, these elements add a touch of elegance to your desk.

Ultra-thin keyboard profile

The keyboard is noticeably thin—especially when you look at it from the side. At its thickest part it is only 9.3 mm (1/3 inch) from frame to keys, to keep your desk looking clean and uncluttered.

Logitech PerfectStroke key system

The PerfectStroke key system distributes typing force evenly across the key surfaces making every keystroke quiet, natural and fluid—even if you strike the edge of a key.

Soft-touch palm rest

The built in palm rest has a soft, rubber coating for enhanced comfort. Your hands should move freely and be elevated above the palm rest while you type. In between typing, use the palm rest as a resting place for your wrists. Placing the keyboard flat on the desk helps to keep your wrists in a more neutral (straight) position, but you can also use the tilt legs to adjust the height to suit you.